Welcome Jondh and Yellow Dart

We’d like to welcome two guest bloggers: Jondh from SundayPage and Yellow Dart from LDS Kai Ta Biblia. (For more on them see their “about” pages.) Both are young scholars planning on going to grad school in Biblical or Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Let’s welcome them to FPR!

Tips on Being an Independent Scholar: Cheryl L. Bruno
Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage: The Contagion Theory
Tips on Being an Independent Scholar: Ardis Parshall
Tips on Being an Independent Scholar: Kevin Barney
  • http://juvenileinstructor.org Christopher

    I’m looking forward to your posts. It’s nice to see a few more young LDS (aspiring) scholars.

  • http://sundaypage.wordpress.com/ jondh

    The classification “young” seems a little prejudicial, but it’s a prejudice I welcome! :)

  • http://ldskaitabiblia.wordpress.com/ The Yellow Dart

    I am sure Jondh post’s will be much better.

    But “I so happy” to be a guest here anyway.

    Best wishes.


  • lxxluthor

    Welcome, gents, both. It’s good to add some new faces to the fold.

  • http://faithpromotingrumor.wordpress.com TT

    Hooray! Welcome to both of you. I look forward to your posts!

  • http://heartissuesforlds.wordpress.com Todd Wood

    Hi J and TYD. Will you both continue to post on your solo blogs?


  • http://ldskaitabiblia.wordpress.com/ The Yellow Dart


    I will keep it there just for you. :)