New Improved FPR

Thanks to Logos’ RefTagger, all past, present and future FPR posts now have pop-up Bible links :)

Currently it’s set for the KJV, but that may change in the future. Check out one of TYD’s scripture-heavy posts for the new functionality.

Clicking on the “more” button on a pop-up will take you to a full-text page of the Bible, which also lets you change to a variety of translation. Enjoy.

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  • jondh

    Sounds great! Think we can persuade Logos to include the D&C? 😉

  • TT

    This is truly an improvement era at FPR.

  • The Yellow Dart

    I think I love you Nitsav! But I would *really* love something other than the KJV! 😀



  • jondh

    Am I mistaken, or does Logos not offer NRSV?