Scholaristas…Go Read It!

Scholaristas is a new blog. I love it.

It is written by a historian, a literature and religion scholar, and a political scientist. No wonder it rocks!

The thing that I love about Scholaristas, is that it is an academic approach to feminism and women studies. It draws upon feminist theory and feminist methodology. So do I!

I am often saddened be the disconnect between movement feminism and feminist theory and methodology. I think this frustration is similar to that which a theologian might have over people of faith not being willing to engage issues of theology because they are more comfortable just reciting articles of faith. I am not sure what to do about that gap, but Scholaristas helps to lessen my frustration.

If you are a fan of FPR, you will enjoy Scholaristas.

Here are some great posts that you should check out:

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And the latest:

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  • ep

    Chris, I think you are our biggest fan. We will have to dedicate a post to you! I am so happy the blog is interesting and that it’s lessening your frustration about the gap between feminist theory and feminist practice. Also, if you’re interested in posting feminist musings for us, let me know. 🙂

  • ep,

    Luckily for me, FPR is very feminist-friendly place. Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve really enjoyed it myself.

  • amanda5245

    I just wanted to join EP in saying thanks!

  • You bet. Now I need to go comment on your newest post.