Welcome Guest Blogger: Bored in Vernal

Many of you, like me, are very familiar for the work of Bored In Vernal. She has accepted our offer to guest post a little around here.

She solo blogs at Hieing to Kolob.

Her work at Mormon Matter can be found here.


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  • http://www.keepapitchinin.org Ardis E. Parshall

    Welcome, BiV!

  • Jared T.

    Glad you made it!

  • http://sciencebysteve.net SteveP

    Welcome indeed! BiV is absolutely one of my favorites. Yea!

  • Kevin Barney


  • http://juvenileinstructor.org Christopher


  • http://www.newcoolthang.com Jacob J

    Two things I love, FPR and BIV.

  • meems

    Hi, BiV! Good to see you! Looking forward to reading you, too.

  • http://zelophehadsdaughters.com/ Ziff

    Oh, goodie!

  • http://www.linescratchers.com/ Syphax

    I think you mean “Mormon Matters”… “Mormon Matter” sounds like the stuff often found floating in our jello.

  • http://ethesis.blogspot.com/ Stephen M (Ethesis)

    Congratulations. Now, if only I can pick up a guest blogger stint too. 😉

  • g.wesley

    welcome biv.