Posts of Christmas Past

If we don’t celebrate Christmas, the terrorists win. While it seems that the terrorists may have won in 2005 at FPR, we’ve had a good number of excellent Christmas contributions. In celebration of this season, we’d like to offer some reflections of FPR bloggers, many who are no longer with us, on Christmas.

Mary Knew! Stop Asking Stupid Questions!

The Magic of Christmas and the Enchanted Mormon Worldview

Christmas and Mary

Reading the Christmas Stories: What is Biblical Criticism Part 2

Reading the Christmas Stories: What is Biblical Criticism Part 3

The Father of Jesus

The Christmas Post: Happy Winter Solstice

Immanuel = Christ?

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Thoughts on "Mormon Scholars Testify"
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Thoughts on "Mormon Scholars Testify"
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Thoughts on "Mormon Scholars Testify"

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  • Chris H.

    I was thinking about these this morning. Thanks, TT.

  • TYD

    Wow. Jupiterchild’s post on Isaiah 7:14 is shocking similar to a post I was going to publish this week. I should really look through old FPR posts more frequently.


  • Chris H.

    We can always use new ones.

  • TT

    TYD, I post the same thing about every 8 weeks. A little bit of going over the sa,e ground is useful. Plus, 4 years is like 4 decades in blog time.

  • Jakob J

    No, no, no, the terrorists didn’t win in 2005:

    When Did Jesus Die? (Year)

    Don’t get faked out by the title, it talks about Christmas, I promise. Also, you left out <a href=""this from Nitsav in 2008.

  • Jakob J

    Hopefully someone will add the missing bracket for me above. Doh.