Sunday PM Conference Open Thread: Bored in Conference Edition.

This afternoon, my co-host will be Bored in Vernal. BiV is a regular guest here at FPR and she is also a driving force behind Wheat and Tares.

Some ground rules for the open threads:
1. Be Nice.
2. Disagreement with the comments and talks is allowed…mocking is not.
3. This is a faithful..though liberal at times…Mormon blog. The threads will be conducted accordingly.

I look forward to everyone’s comments. Let us end this on a strong note…by again having more comments than the BCC thread.

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  • I am going to try desperately hard to not be so cynical this time. The wife and I are going to sit on the grass on campus where the internet is stronger. Hopefully that’ll help.

  • Sounds good. Sitting on the grass in Claremont on a spring day sounds wonderful…it is sleeting here.

  • Holland, Christofferson, Scott, and Hales to come.

    I’m excited b/c Jeffrey R. Holland is my fave speaker. Don’t always agree with him 100%, but I love his energy. And he was pres. of BYU when I was there, so I’ve got lots of great memories. He and his wife Pat used to give their talks together, standing at the podium with a double microphone. They’d chat, and interrupt each other, and it was fabulous. Wish he would do that at GC!

  • I just don’t want Holland to yell at us again.

  • Opening thought: I look at everybody up on the stand (quietly) exchanging hellos and thoughts, sometimes laughing, and i wonder about the desire for absolute silence before and after meetings so many of the leaders of units i’ve lived in have had.

  • DH: comment for this session — “How come I don’t have a posh apartment in the Eagle Gate condominiums?”

  • Last session it was: “How come no one ever asks me to pray at Conference?”

  • I wonder why Monson doesn’t conduct?

  • David, #5, I know, I just love the sociality they all seem to share.

    ..Is sociality a real word?

  • David, I think the social aspect of meetings can be lost. Too bad when it is, My DW just commenting the Pres. Eyring seems very cheery today.

  • Narrator (#8): He probably got his fill of it as a counselor (and the first GC or two he presided at, IIRC).

  • Lots of primary songs at this GC.

  • I think Pres. Monson does not conduct as a matter of age. It is a lot of up and down.

  • What song was this, again? I like the organ part.

  • I am not sure about the name of the song.

  • Reading all the tweets going on I am starting to feel like homemaker fail. Lots of delicious special dinners being prepared to be served immediately following conference. We had tacos a half hour ago and I don’t plan on entering the kitchen again today.

  • I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly. Not one of the better-known hymns.

  • I like when they sing the obscure ones, though. It helps make them more familiar throughout the Church.

  • The motab is getting younger and younger. When I was little it seemed they were all white-haired wrinkled women.

    Or maybe they just invest more in hair-dye and cosmetics now.

  • …excuse me. *Half* were old women, the other half were old men.

  • I made a pizza from the Wal-Mart Deli. We will likely have cereal for dinner.

  • Loyd, #19, it’s b/c they don’t let women with young children at home sing in the choir. These days people don’t have as many kiddos and they are out of the house while mama is still young.

  • They do seem younger…or maybe I am just getting older.

  • I’m thankful for blogs. Otherwise I think I’d already be asleep.

  • More temple. And I’m starting to get the same feeling I do when going through a session. I usually do when listening to Elder Scott.

  • It is that time of the afternoon.

  • #25 the feeling that you have done this before?

  • I say the same, when DH tries to fix anything around the house!

  • It’s always a bit poignant when speakers i know are widow(er)s talk about sealings.

  • “Dad, I love you. You are my best friend.” That got me.

  • Get Married!!

  • OH NO, more young men getting married!

  • Seriously, what is it with the repeated “guys, get married now!” meme at this conference?

  • Got that 2:30 feeling, narrator?

  • I’m glad I’m married. Otherwise all this pressure to get married would drive me crazy–and probably depressed.

  • Steve M

    Why can’t my wife lead FHE?

  • Righteous me marry early. Duh.

  • Do you think he is going to lambaste the women next?

  • I think my feed is 2-3 minutes behind you all.

  • Steve M

    And why is all this counsel directed to the husbands? Wouldn’t it be equally applicable to wives?

  • Expressing gratitude to one’s spouse will make life, among other things, more meaningful. Interesting point.

  • narrator,

    I am just surprised you are married.

  • Steve M

    @38, No.

  • a watercolor on the front of the fridge… how ROMANTIC!!

  • Kidding.

  • Steve M

    Is Elder Scott an artist? I believe Packer is.

  • I am sooooo glad RS is giving romantic ideas to all the men. Are you listening, DH?

  • I hope my landlord would not mind if I painted the fridge.

  • Again, I’m happy I didn’t get married until I was 30. I almost got married when I was 23, but broke it off when I decided I was mostly responding to the cultural/social pressure to get married. I’m very different now than I was then. Looking back I see that my own maturation and change could have placed a pretty difficult burden on a marriage.

  • Is Dr. B following the thread?

  • OK, this is a beautiful tribute.

  • Dr. B. is sleeping beside me on the bed.

  • “In time you start to think alike…” We snark about the same things sometimes.

  • #50: Not my personal favorite style, but they’re actually not bad at all.

  • Next time, you should ask him to be one of your invited guests, Chris!

  • I couldn’t paint a barn. No artistic talents.

  • This is making me scared to be a daddy.

  • The image of a father (or mother) holding a child who was later lost is amazing.

  • Half the audience at the house here is weepy now…

  • So, single men develop bad character traits?

  • Or is that all singles? Yikes.

  • BiV, I should have had both of you on. 🙂

  • Marrying early prevents people from developing negative character traits?! I can’t have heard that one right.

  • #63, sparks would fly.

  • #64 Perhaps they are worried that being unmarried is a cause of homosexuality.

  • “So, single men develop bad character traits?”


  • “feminine splendor or righteous womanhood”

  • Let’s just say that BiV and Dr. B’s eternal marriage is not quite the same thing as Rich and Janine’s.

  • Well it seems to be true to an extent David. A marriage well-handled does even out your character and soften some of the more obnoxious edges. Did in my case anyway.

    I’m sure Elder Scott did not mean that it prevents ALL defects. I can also tell you from personal experience that that isn’t true.

  • I got married at 21 and have no bad character traits.

  • BiV (#69): Nor is David and Jeanne B’s.

  • I don’t know that this is a fair critique of modern Xianity (even hedged by “most of”).

  • benign whateverism!! LOL that was a great quote.

  • who has that quote? I want to see it again.

  • Steve M

    I’m not sure I’m a fan of this God who isn’t into “niceness.” I get what Christofferson is trying to say, but … yeah.

  • #73 It’s not. Not even close.

  • All this chastening talk.. it’s beginning to get a little scary.

  • Actually, it was more likely saying “Ouch!”

  • You know what, I think I have heard every story that has been told in this GC before. Is there nothing new under the sun?

  • I wish I had known Hugh B. Brown.

  • BiV, you are just so well read.

  • Hugh B. Brown should be quoted more often in GC. In fact he is the only one who should be quoted.

  • “BiV, you are just so well read.”


  • Steve M

    Christofferson just referred to a church member as a “Mormon.” Tsk, tsk.

  • I’ve never understood why Hugh B. Brown was supposed to be thankful for being denied a promotion. I mean, it’s not like he’d’ve been ineligible to be an apostle if he’d achieved a higher military rank.

  • #82, or just plain old. sigh.

  • Steve M

    Loving the Hugh B Brown shout-out though!

  • Yeah, BKP WOULD say that! If we are in a position to chasten others we will be held accountable if we don’t do it.

  • I chasten all of you.

  • OK, y’all, you’d better let me have it now.

  • oooooh, no. I’m not praying for his chastening.

  • OMG. When I close my eyes it’s Jeff Bridges giving the talk!

  • Colonies shout out. 100th anniversary of the “exodus” is next year.

  • B.Russ

    93 – Nice. The General Authority abides.

  • I’ve got Elder The Dude taking me into the general grid with some true gritty doctrine.

  • Jared, I was wondering if you were here for this Colonia Juarez story.

  • Moral of the story: It’s good to be on the good end of an exchange rate disparity.

  • Loved the gritty voice as he quoted that tithing scripture!

  • Jared T.

    I’m looking into organizing a conference/commemoration next year out here to mark that milestone. Stay tuned.

  • I am working on something about tithing as dues.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for explicitly stating that blessings from tithing are not necessarily financial!

  • Jared, I am guessing the conference will not include trips to the temple across the border…

  • Do the wealthy learn the same thing?

  • In all seriousness, one of the great usefulnesses of tithing for me is that i always know how much i’m making, which helps me know what i have available to spend. This ties in to his tithing leading to wisdom and self-reliance point, i htink.

  • Jared T.

    Only for the valiant, Chris.

  • just wondering… does Elder Scott count as a single man?

    Sorry, but my mind is wandering during all this tithing stuff…whoa, just heard tithing is not only fire insurance but divorce insurance as well?

  • B.Russ

    103 – that won’t make the cut when people re-give this talk in your local ward. Don’t worry, prosperity doctrine will live on.

  • Paying the tithe is very much about a matter of submission.

  • C. Scott Grow…awesome.

  • C Scott Grow really needs to drop his first initial.

  • When i was growing up, my ward sang “Come, Ye Children of the Lord” all the time. It was rather a shock to move elsewhere and find out that lots of people had never sung it in their meetings.

  • Steve M

    I really don’t know that paying tithing is adequate “insurance” against divorce.

  • Hey, B. Russ. Good to see you here!

  • BiV (#112): If he did that he’d only have two names and so he’d have to be released as a GA, though, right?

  • aliquis

    I know we talk a lot about blessings we get from tithing, but I’ve always thought tithing itself was the blessing.

  • I think the divorce connection is that if we are submissive and paying we will not be as selfish in other aspects of our life. Nice thought.

  • #101, Jared, that sounds cool. I would be willing to take my life into my hands and attend the temple, too.

  • Do as I’m doing, follow, follow me!

  • Um, that’s not what “to be or not to be” means.

  • aliquis, that is an interesting and more deontological approach to tithing. Paying because it is good, not for other positive consequences. I will have to think more about that.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • B.Russ

    115 – Thanks. I’m multi-tasking.

  • Steve M

    I get the selfishness connection, but I believe divorce is usually much more complicated than the selfishness of one or both spouses.

  • My to be list:

    Be more like Aaron Brown.

  • Steve, no doubt, I am just trying to follow his point.

  • aliquis

    Chris H. (#122): I got that from an Elder Holland talk a while back. Will have to link to it.

  • A focus on what we want to be, rather than do, is very Aristotelian. Nate Oman would approve.

  • From tweet land: “Does this BE-DO talk remind anyone of the Doobie brothers or a 1950’s song? ;-)”

  • doctrine! x2

  • Does this elder have any qualifications beyond experience and ecclesiastical to give parenting advice?

  • A

    Difficult child = blessing. I am richly and abundantly blessed… 😉

  • I like principles that we can apply in other areas of life.

  • I’m not asking with my normal cynicism, but am actually inquiring about his credentials and specialty.

  • Actually, my family recently got through the Kings and Chronicles. Those might be thought of as a how-not-to-parenting manual.

  • B.Russ

    Awesome talk.

    Whats with the pot-smoker eyes though?

  • #135, lol

  • A (#132), my wife and I feel that three blessings are enough.

  • Steve M

    Tongue-in-cheek reference to pre-mortal transgression leading to mortal challenges.

  • Narrator (#131): According to Wikipedia (so it must be true!), his degrees are in Spanish and Management.

    He was a seminary teacher for a while—does that count?

    (Also, he has 7 kids of his own, so there’s some practical experience, i guess.)

  • Loydo, Lynn G. Robbins has a background in business and is one of the founders of the Franklin institute!

  • I’m always weary of Church leaders who use their personal experience as mandates for parenting, relationships, etc. Even more so now that I am a father-to-be.

  • Is Franklin Covery still around?

  • I am counting on Holland to wake me up.

  • “Is Franklin Covery still around?”


  • 3 seventies in a row? my wife is already asleep. again, thanks to blogs i’m still awake.

  • Having fellowship with the saints is a blessing.

    Obviously, having this thread available on FPR is a manifestation of the goodness of divinity.

  • slooooow down, seescott.

  • four in a row? goodnight.

  • uh, This isn’t such a glowing eulogy, is it? lol

  • …his wife was willing to marry him and overlook his health challenges from his dissipated lifestyle…

  • David, I think you are on to something in #147.

  • we DID need an atonement talk, though.

  • I’m having trouble pulling anything from this address. I mean, the story was a bit more personal than most of the ones you hear in these sorts of addresses, but the topics and even phrasings are so…familiar.

  • I think general conference is partly for people who’ve never read the scriptures or listened to general conference before.

    …like new missionaries.

  • Aren’t we going to hear from Elder Hales? Or did I miss him?

  • And I guess there won’t be any more women speakers. 🙁

  • Nope, no Elder Hales yet.

    If Elders Holland and Hales each have 11 minutes, that’ll leave a couple minutes for President Monson to close us off, even accounting for time for song and prayer.

  • General conference, especially when seventies speak, is a good reminder that the Church hierarchy is made almost entirely of business leaders and lawyers, and not intellectuals/scholars.

  • Is Elder Hales sick?

  • a few more entertainers might help, too.

  • Wow—the contrast in speech rate between Elders Grow and Holland is amazing.

  • I can’t think of Ensign Peak w/o thinking of Sister Dalton, YW Pres, who keeps climbing up there and waving yellow scarves.

  • Wouldn’t the Salt Lake temple emphatically not be a fulfilling of this prophecy, what with it being at the bottom of some mountains?

  • I am distracted by the flowers behind the speaker.

    Can’t decide if there are Mimulus or Gloxinia, or just Narcissus.

  • His talk is on “general conference?”

  • This is getting way meta.

  • I do think it is very cool that they aren’t assigned topics. It’s fun to watch themes appear.

  • wow, soooooo emotional. He’s giving Elder Eyring some competition.

  • Ah! He’s playing with the historical meaning of “angel”—very nice.

  • I don’t know that i actually ever hear very much about specific “moral issues of the day”.

    Well, except for pr0n, at least in previous conferences.

  • …something for everyone: hey, I didn’t get my full dose of controversy this time.

  • Helping the poor is a specific moral issue of our day.

  • Nice reminder that the beatitudes were a lead-in to harder teachings.

  • I like afflicting the comfortable.

  • B.Russ

    “We have been commanded to preach nothing but repentance unto this generation . . . but Elder Scott does this the best, so we leave that for him and we focus on other things . . . “

  • Chris H (#173): Oh, i know—i was overstating things on purpose.

  • Steve M

    “[L]iterally be born again”? I thought Jesus’ whole point was that our rebirth is not literal.

  • I’d hate to be a literal captive seeking literal liberty, only to find out that Jesus really meant to save teenage boys from addiction to masturbation.

  • There’s a sound bite, finally: The church is not a fast food outlet. We can’t always have it our way!

  • Did he actually just give us permission to ignore general conference addresses that don’t apply to us? That suddenly makes life a little easier.

  • nature herself will testify with love and a warning in the last days. I like that.

  • #181 I’m taking that to heart.

  • So, no Elder Hales. I hope he is well.

  • Prophet-adulation makes me uncomfortable.

  • Nope, no Elder Hales.

  • Steve M

    A conference talk about conference talks. How meta.

  • Usually they will offer some explanation, or excuse them…

  • B.Russ

    184 – posted on BCC by someone named Katie:

    During the sustaining yesterday, I thought I saw Hales wearing some sort of weird leg brace/thingy, combined with what looked like an oxygen tank. So that’s probably why he’s not speaking.

  • Steve M

    Man my feed is lagging! I just barely heard the fast-food line.

  • Shout out to Easter. Are you listening, Bishops? Don’t schedule tithing talks on that day, please.

  • Thanks, for pointing that out B. Russ.

  • A good session. A great General Conference. BiV, thanks for helping me out this session!

  • Poem “Empty Linen” from the Apr 2011 New Era by Emily Harris.

  • thanks again Chris

  • Well, that pretty much wraps it up. Thanks for hosting it, Chris H, and also to everyone else who guest-hosted.

  • Thanks, Chris. Enjoyed these conference threads. Appreciate all the friends who participated and made it a great experience.

  • the narrator and David B,

    Thanks for contributing thoughout the weekend. It really get thinks alive.

  • …and DH is now awake.

  • oh em gee, proof that DH was listening after all! He turns over and says: “just think, if I had lived some hedonistic lifestyle I might now be a counselor in the Bishopric.”

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