Chris H. for Congress!

With the announcement of Huntsman running for president and all the focus on Mitt and his Mormonism…I think there needs to be another Mormon in the 2012 mix.

Of course, I am not running for POTUS. Right now, I am deciding which race to pursue. My primary interest is in one of the Congressional races.

Today, I spoke with the executive director of the state Democratic Party. Things are now rolling…slowly…but rolling.

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  • Dan

    hey Chris,

    our Congressional district needs a new Democrat…last guy just resigned…

  • JJ Rousseau

    A bit far away for me. You should go for it!

  • Ardis E. Parshall

    In the best tradition of crooked politics, I’ll come vote for ya!

  • David G.

    Whoa, awesome. WY hasn’t necessarily been friendly to Dems of late, has it?

  • Dan

    ha! a stay at home dad who is best known for taking his daughter to all the playgrounds…to represent this district in Congress…

  • Sheldon L

    When you are elected, I want a VIP tour of the Capitol building. And I don’t mean just send me with an intern.

  • eric wolf

    That’s awesome, good luck, and keep rolling. fyi I’d make a great staffer :)

  • TT

    A word of advice: don’t tweet your junk.

  • JJ Rousseau

    TT, thanks!

  • Cynthia L.

    What TT said!

  • Ben Pratt

    Very cool!

    A belief that is perhaps not uncommon in this country is that becoming a member of Congress has a way of corrupting a person, perhaps through (possibly unlawful) perks that are not discussed outside the beltway (e.g., insider trading). Supposing you get elected and any such offers come your way, it would be epic to collect and publish a record of them.

    It would likewise be interesting to know that no such offers were made (though, of course, people in the category I mentioned above would not believe it!).

  • ExMoHoMoDon


    I completely support you. I don’t know the first thing about you and I know you couldn’t be worse than any of the current GOP pack. I can’t wait for the fun to start— Bachmann, Cain, Palin…..this is going to be pure gold for comedy writers. I actually feel sorry for Huntsman. He seems like a decent guy, but he will be shredded by the Tea Party nuts and the Evangelicals who simply hate Mormons, even if they–like Huntsman– hedge on whether or not they are true blue LDS.

  • ExMoHoMoDon

    Given the Mormon love affair with the Republican Party, maybe we should come up with a new expression–like true red or something.

  • Danny G

    You may want to tread carefully on the issue of gun control, don’t forget that it is Wyoming…Not a chance Henrichsen, stick with academia.

  • JJ Rousseau

    Danny G…so…did I have you in any of my classes in Rexburg?

    I am not pro-gun control.

    Either way, I am thinking that I may wait till after I have tenure. I step at a time.

  • Danny G

    I did indeed, and I actually never heard you speak directly on the issue. I know it may sound a bit presumptous, but someone as far to the left as Mr. Rousseau would be a true anomoly if he were a steadfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment. While I abhor almost every one of your political positions, it is comforting that you don’t plan on doing the bidding of the Brady Campaign; whether that is you playing it politically safe in a heavily pro-gun area or a deeply held conviction in the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms, I couldn’t say definitively. But either way have fun with this!