Friday fun: Most Holy Traffic Report Ever?

I can’t remember if this clip made the bloggernacle rounds back when it first hit the web, but in case you missed it, here’s a local traffic reporter in Utah reporting under the influence of cold medication:

FM100 Holiest Traffic Report

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  • Dan


  • Jaxob M

    All news broadcasts should end that way. Particularly the ones about disasters.

  • well that was embarrassing …

  • Oh, dear, is she ever going to live that down? *Should* she?

  • I love how she finishes and the background music just continues behind nothing at all for several seconds. I’m imagining the faces of the folks in the studio during that time.

  • Sheldon L

    Funny. Shows what an empty, automatic phrase that has become. Some even use it when they stand to give an announcement or report on a recent activity.

  • That was awesome. Love it.