I Love Being a Dad!

Being a father is a lot harder than I ever would have imagined. However, it is also more fun than I ever would have guessed.

A few days ago, I was in my front yard playing catch with my two boys. My daughter, also my youngest, came running out with a baseball glove that was way too big. The glove did not work (partially because it was too big, partially because she is a left-hander), but she was able to toss the baseball a bit.

As I played baseball with my three kids, I thought to myself “I love being a Dad.”

My children have many of my traits. I sometimes feel bad about that. After all, who would want to turn out like me. Luckily, they also have my wife Lyndee as an influence in there lives.

In a recent panel, my friend Christian described what it was like coming out as a homosexual to himself and his family. I hope that my children will never fear to tell me such things. I joked on the panel that the thing I would most struggle with was if my children ever came out as…Republicans. I am praying for the strength, patience, and love needed for that day. After all, Shem (age 9) is showing some serious Republican tendencies.

For Father’s Day, I got from my wife a University of Utah T-Shirt, an Orioles T-Shirt, and a Johnny Cash T-Shirt. I am a 4XL Tall and so t-shirts are hard to find…and pricey when I do. My daughter, Geneva, got me some Dad’s brand Red Cream Soda.

My son, Todd, got me Rock Band 2. He gave it to me Saturday so we could play last night. He played guitar. I was lead vocals. We did Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So” (a long time karaoke favorite of mine) and Nirvana’s “In Bloom.” It was a blast. My boy and I…bonding over Weezer and Nirvana. This is love.

I love being a Dad.

Wait…Shem didn’t get me anything. Hmmmm.


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  • http://www.smallsimple.wordpress.com Eric Nielson

    Happy Fathers day.

  • http://www.faithpromotingrumor.com Chris H.

    The picture is Todd playing during “Say It Ain’t So.” I love that kid!

  • http://www.faithpromotingrumor.com Chris H.

    Eric, Happy Fathers Day to you!

  • David J

    Happy Father’s Day Chris. You’re right it can be tough at times but the good times are out of sight awesome.

  • http://www.faithpromotingrumor.com Chris H.

    David, thanks. My kids are the rock of my crazy existence. I am just glad they put up with me. :)

  • http://mormoninquiry.typepad.com Dave

    Rock music, bringing families together. This needs to be incorporated into our curriculum.

  • Ben S

    “Red Cream Soda”- that’s filial love! That stuff’s hard to come by, at least in my neck of the woods.

  • http://www.millennialstar.org Ben Pratt

    Being a dad is literally epic. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Lon

    Hey, we played Rock Band 3 as a family last night and my Father’s Day present was that I got to pick the songs!