Support Tracy!

The amazing Tracy M is in need of your help.

Feminist Mormon Housewives has started up a scholarship fund that will directly go to Tracy to assist her as she finishes her undergrad degree and transitions into graduate school. Thanks to fMh for taking the lead in this effort.

Like many of you, I first got to know Tracy through her blogging at BCC and MMW.

I first met Tracy at Sunstone 2010 and then I was blessed to present with her on a panel about “Radical Homemaking” at Restoration Studies in April 2011. She present on the same topic at Sunstone 2011. Watch it below:

As you listen to Tracy and spend time with her, you quickly realize what a powerful and loving force for good that she is. Help Tracy by donating at PayPal at

If you would like to donate by check, leave your email by making a comment and I will get you instructions.

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  • annegb

    I will be glad to contribute my “mite” to this wonderful woman’s education. She has blessed my life.