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I didn’t go to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last month However, my friend R.C. Johnson, the chair of the Natrona County Democratic Party, was there and she was at a meeting of Mormon Democrats (see this article in the Daily Beast which features Grant Hardy). She was fighting for me and Wyoming. Notice her LDS button!



R.C. Johnson, above, from Casper, Wyo., while not a member of the LDS Church, came to the meeting of LDS Democrats to learn more about how people of that faith have connected with the Democratic party. “There’s a Mormon Democrat, Chris Henrichsen, running for US Congress from Wyoming,” she said, “and being here is about being informed.” As the county chair for Natrona County Democrats, she wants to build a bridge to Wyoming Mormons, many of whom are Republicans: “I want to be able to articulate a lot better the LDS-Democrat connection.” (NBC News)

There has been a fair amount of focus on Mitt Romney and his religion. However, the so called “Mormon Moment” is bigger than just Mitt.

I am proud to to be a Democrat. I am also proud to be a Mormon. This baffles both groups equally.

I know that some Democrats in Wyoming were not happy to have a Mormon as their candidate for the U.S. House. However, like Sen. Harry Reid, I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon…not despite of it. My values guide my politics, my religion, and my life. These values lead me to be a Mormon Democrat.

I fully agree with R.C., that for Democratic Candidates to succeed in in place like Wyoming, we must be able to reach out to groups that are not typical Democratic voting blocs. My campaign is building these bridges. I am also fighting against the anti-religion impulse that many on the left have.

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