Remembering Matthew Shepard

I now live in Matthew Sheperd’s hometown. He had studied at political science Casper College where I now teach.

I never knew him, but I remember his death. I think about him often. I am only 11 days older than him.



Never forgot.


Never again.

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  • brandt

    It’s amazing that it’s been 14 years. For the time, I remember being amazed at how much press attention it was getting. It really makes you wonder if that happened today, if it would get the same press coverage/online coverage, or if it would become “yet another” of the horrible acts that we put our fellow human beings through.

    A great day for reflection, indeed.

  • Ray

    Ironic that Lesson 21 in the priesthood manual is on “kindness.”

  • Markey Fingers

    So, who was this Shepard fellow.