CFP: Call for Prayers–Share with us your Inaugural Prayer #myinauguralprayer

With all of the focus on the inaugural prayers, I wanted to invite all of you to consider what you might say if you were an inaugural prayer speaker.

I would also invite you to share your prayer with us here at Faith-Promoting Rumor and Patheos.

Email me your prayer at I will start sharing the prayers as they start coming in and through Inauguration Day on Monday.

We want prayers from those of all faiths and religions. Non-believers are welcome as well. We welcome prayers from all political persuasions and prayers from all over the world.

My hope is that the prayers will be between 50 and 150 words. Please also include a brief paragraph telling us a little about yourself.

Thank you. I believe that prayer is something that can bring us together. There is no better time for unity and healing.

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