LDS Dems

I didn't go to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last month However, my friend R.C. Johnson, the chair of the Natrona County Democratic Party, was there and she was at a meeting of Mormon Democrats (see this article in the Daily Beast which features Grant Hardy). She was fighting for me and Wyoming. Notice her LDS button!  R.C. Johnson, above, from Casper, Wyo., while not a member of the LDS Church, came to the meeting of LDS Democrats to learn more about how people … [Read more...]

Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a Father. I’m a Husband. And I’m a Mormon…Democrat.

The Brandon Flowers "I'm a Mormon" video got a lot of buzz and for good reason. It is pretty awesome.Brandon and some of his bandmates also played at a rally in Fall 2010 for Senator Harry Reid and President Obama.Here is "Read My Mind":and "Home Means Nevada":Like Brandon, I can say there is still a fire burning in there. … [Read more...]

Not Heavenly Mother…Pink Floyd Mother (covered by Pearl Jam)

There has been a number of rather contentious and awkward conversations about Heavenly Mother on the bloggernacle. My view is that we should spend more time thinking about the role that mother's play in our society and our relationship with the mothers in our own lives. I think that one of the great contributions of feminist theory is the emphasis on the here and now...and the need to avoid unnecessary abstraction.In "Mother" by Roger Waters (originally perform by Pink Floyd on "The Wall" … [Read more...]

Politics at the Pulpit

I was once a conservative activist. When I tell this to people, they rarely believe me.Thanks to my aunt, I now have some archival evidence. This comes from a letter my mother sent to my aunt at the end of my freshman year at Ricks College.Dated April 16, 1995Christopher will return April 30. We are looking forward to seeing him again. He has accepted an internship with a research group that corrects inaccurate statements in the media. They are quite conservative, so he will fit … [Read more...]

Chris H. for Congress at BCC

BCC is doing a couple of posts on my campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.Check it out! … [Read more...]

Taking Nibley Back: A Series #nibley

I met Boyd Peterson at Utah Valley State College in the the Summer of 2004. We were both in a week long faculty seminar on ethics-across-the-curriculum.I had recently read Boyd's biography of his father-in-law Hugh Nibley. Having never attended BYU, I had not had many opportunities to discuss Nibley and I was excited to meet Boyd.In our conversation, Boyd mentioned something that has stuck with me. He said that Nibley fans fall into two categories: 1. Approaching Zion Nibleyites and 2. … [Read more...]

Reject and Denounce: Obama and his church

Author's note I originally posted this here at FPR back on March 18, 2008.Am I accountable for the crazy things that people say at my church? Luckily, I tend to disagree, and disagree strongly with most political statements made at church. Was Mitt Romney responsible for racist practices that existed with the Church during his younger days? I do not think so. What about Ezra Taft Benson’s delusional politics? While I believe that he was an apostle and prophet, his politics was nasty rubbish. … [Read more...]

For Mother’s Day: Dependency and Rawls

Author's Note: My readings for the following essay started me thinking for the first time theoretically about mothering and care-giving. It also made me reflect a lot on the sacrifices made and love shown by my wife and my mother. I share this for Mother's Day.In Love’s Labor: Essays on Women, Equality, and Dependency, Eva Feder Kittay develops a theory of dependency which addresses the needs of dependents and those involved in dependency work. Central to this book is the contention that d … [Read more...]