Where we succeed: Mormon Pedagogy and Fowler’s Stages of Faith, Part Two

I think that we Mormons help people transitioning from Fowler's stage 2 to Fowler's stage 3 remarkably well. I think saying we are in the top 5 or 10% here would not be exaggerating. For those who are not familiar with Fowler's stages I'll give a brief summary of stages 2, 3, and the transition in between, followed by why we as Mormons do so well. … [Read more...]

Mormon Pedagogy and Fowler’s Stages of Faith, Part One

Over at By Common Consent there is an article on Mormon pedagogy. The article is actually just a quote from Kevin Christensen, and the salient part is just Kevin Christensen quoting Louis Midgely. Anyway, the substance of the quote is that church pedagogy tends towards ignoring the scriptures and just using the scriptures as a way to "divert attention away from the message and meaning in the text under consideration, and back towards what we already know." The purpose of teaching this way is … [Read more...]

Just a Single Word Changed

Single word changes in a scripture text can make a big difference. As an example, one of President Monson's favorite scripture passages has to be Jeremiah 8:22, he seems to quote it every other time he talks. … [Read more...]

Back to Allegory?

When we moderns read any scripture we tend to read it only one way. We read it as history that is supposed to have some sort of theologically edifying meaning to us. This style of reading fits so well with our modes of thinking that it just seems the blatantly obvious way to read scripture. What could be more obvious than reading a book about the past, which we assert is true, as history? … [Read more...]

The Case of Peter Enns

Peter Enns is an evangelical scholar of the Old Testament. Until recently he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Enns and the seminary recently reached an agreement for him to step down from his position. Westminster is a conservative theological seminary in the reformed tradition. … [Read more...]

Amateur Biblical Studies, Part 2

Here's the other five resources which I recommend for an amateur in biblical studies just getting started. … [Read more...]

Amateur Biblical Studies, Part 1

I am not a biblical scholar, and I have never taken a class in anything related to biblical studies. So, what I am about to say may be worth every penny you are paying. Having said that, I think that it is possible for a motivated amateur to get a basic education in biblical studies on the cheap and in his/her spare time. I wanted to list 10 resource which I have found to be the most helpful and the most effective for getting educated in the world of academic biblical studies. I'll list the … [Read more...]

The Parallel Universe of Evangelical Christianity

Hello, Everyone! This post comes from one our favorite contributors, David Clark. He gets around the bloggernacle and apparently he gets around the larger theological universe, as well. I think you'll enjoy this post. I know I did when I first read it.MogsThe impetus for this post comes from a blog entry at Parchment and Pen: a theology blog. I encourage everyone to go and read the full blog entry. The blog is … [Read more...]