Historical Mormon Smackdown: Bomber edition

Sorry for the sporadic posting of late. I've been busy. Also, I am still recovering from the results of the last poll. John Lee over Gary Gilmore? As other people have mentioned regarding other polls, I am beginning to suspect the tastes of our readership. Sure, Lee was pivotal in a minor event in Southern Utah a century or so ago. Gilmore only created a situation where W. could say, with a straight face, that he never executed an innocent man (also, Gilmore inspired the Cremaster cycle, … [Read more...]

Historical Utah smackdown! Killer Edition

I am sorry for not getting any posts out this week. I've been busy. According the the poll, it turns out that there isn't an unwritten order of things because Elder McConkie wrote it all down.This week, somewhat inspired by recent events, is a little different in that I am not sure if one of the participants is LDS (and five minutes on the internet didn't help).Historical Utah Smackdown: Killer edition!Who is the more important executed Utah killer vaguely associated with Mormonism:John Lee or … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Hardliner edition

So, last week we learned that, much as on the gridiron, it is the quarterback that has the influence, even though the running back does most of the work. But enough about that, on to this week's event:Historical Mormon Smackdown: Hardliner editionWho is the more influential hard-line interpreter of current LDS orthodoxy: Elder Boyd K. Packer or Elder Bruce R. McConkie?Elder Packer has written and given several influential talks regarding what is and what ain't orthodoxy and firmly implying … [Read more...]

An intentionally late Fathers’ Day post

My father has never been antagonistic to the church exactly. For all intents and purposes, he appears to have been indifferent. He never objected when we went, attended when something important happened, and generally refrained from criticizing the aspects of it to which he objected. He has reportedly even told neighbors that if he was to join any church, it would likely be ours.We have had a whole slew of missionaries come through the house. Sometimes he has liked them; usually he hasn't. … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Sports Trivia edition!

So, it turns out that Orson Pratt is more influential than Heber C. Kimball. Take that Geoff and Jeff!On to the show!Who is the more influential LDS Athlete: Steve Young or Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin?Steve Young: star quarterback in the WAC, USFL, and the NFL; a scrambler leftie; didn't go on a mission; seems to be a generally nice guy; took a long, long time to get married, causing some...um...speculation.Elder Wirthlin: played running back for the Utah Utes in the 1930's in his freshman, … [Read more...]

Fond Farewells

Recently, I attended a missionary farewell that did not...er...go well. I mean, it was fine. The young elder spoke about his family, his father, repentance, and he sang a song. He told a series of jokes that weren't funny, but that his family and a group of girls laughed at. His song was of the sort (you know the sort) written by modern LDS songwriters that is intended to earn tears with references to gospel themes and traumatic life events. It was tremendously cheesy and really not … [Read more...]

Spiritual “Maturity” and the principle of obedience

In Rusty's post regarding the necessity of reasons for commandments (ie. do we really need reasons to obey?), there has been a comment that got me thinking. It is from bboy-mike and here it is in its entirety:What about ethical dilemmas? What do you do when you're in an abusive, temple sealed marriage? Do you leave, or do you stay because of the covenant? These are real questions that people go through, and yet, if we only understood our faith through simple obedience, we'd have no idea how to … [Read more...]

By Study and also By Faith

The following quote by Orson F. Whitney came up in Sunday School yesterday. "Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning even by study, and also by faith."Why did the Lord so instruct his Prophet? Why did the Prophet so teach his people? It was because God had designed, and his prophet had foreseen, a great and glorious future for that people. Chosen himself in weakness, so far as this world's wisdom was concerned, as a foundation stone of the mighty structure which is … [Read more...]