The C-F-A and a Non-literal Adam and Eve

This past Sunday I taught my 14 year old SS class about the Atonement from 2 Nephi 2 (we're a week behind). A strange thought occurred to me after class concerning the possible effects of a non-literal or symbolical reading of the Adam and Eve story on the way we (or at least I) understand the Atonement. … [Read more...]

Moderation, the Higher Law, and the WoW

I have often wondered how the order of heaven will differ from the order of the Church here on Earth. It seems to mostly be an exercise in futility; there is almost no way to prove one's conclusions. And musings about the "higher law" (as defined below) would seem to fit nicely into this category. However, I'm not above wasting a little time on such things if they interest or amuse me, especially while I'm at Church. … [Read more...]

LDS Zeal for Law

While some of my fellow bloggers here at FPR conclude their probably ecstatic SBL experience, I thought I'd make a post about a topic that I've been musing on for the past while. A realization that I've had recently is connected to just how legalistic we are with respect to the attaining of salvation, even exaltation. Just a quick perusal of our modernly revealed scriptures reinforced this idea to me: the LDS salvific model (as fluid a concept as that is) has a very strong legalistic flavor to … [Read more...]


A discussion I had recently with a friend of mine reminded me of one of my other favorite soap boxes that I haven't stood on in this forum before. No, it has nothing to do with swearing (in a traditional sense at least). Today I'm more interested in the sort of curses that God lays on peoples. Like on the Lamanites and stuff. And yeah I know that there is nothing new in the 'Nacle so I'll just say outright that I haven't even looked elsewhere to see who has already broached the subject and what … [Read more...]

The Next Level of Sunday School

My experience in my new ward over the past month has reinforced to me the need for another higher level of Sunday School classes. I know that there is nothing new in the 'nacle but let's hash this out again, for my sake. … [Read more...]

The Nature of Jesus’ Suffering

I've been pondering the Atonement lately and I recently had some inspiration that I'd like to share. I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I am interested in discovering what people think of my idea and how they view different aspects of the Atonement. Part of my thoughts concerned the nature of Jesus' suffering and so I think I'll start with that. … [Read more...]

Can Someone Help Me Understand…

What I have in my hands here is a nice, large can filled with worms. Please observe what follows as I open said can...There has been two good long discussions lately that have caused me to strongly experience a feeling that I used to have frequently. I describe this experience this way: I come upon a conversation about some aspect of the Gospel or scriptures that is being discussed by others. I'm very interested and I follow along and occasionally make points. But eventually I discern that I'm … [Read more...]

Enoch Pt.2: The Ancient Evidence

In the first post I briefly introduced the idea that there exists a textual tradition of Enoch which lies outside of the Bible, a tradition that 1st century Christians had and accepted to one degree or another as true. I posed the question as to how these two traditions might relate and whether there existed the possibility that in this tradition we might be able to detect a restoration of lost ancient text by Joseph Smith in his JST account of Enoch in the Book of Moses. In this post we'll look … [Read more...]