The Adulterous Woman, Part 1: The Narrator

A couple of weeks ago there was a partial reading of the story of the Adulterous Woman over on T&S. In that endeavor, the narrative-critical aspects of the story were not included. Since I have already ascended from dissy-Hell in order to drink gin from the bathtub with my homies, I think I’ll complement the earlier effort before I return. And since I seem to be totally unable to write anything shorter than War and Peace, this is going to have several installments.Narrative criticism a … [Read more...]

The Last Waffle of Innocence

The last breakfast was a leisurely one. It was Tuesday morning and there was no need to rush off to the SBL. The first plane didn’t leave until 3PM. So we had waffles. I cooked the first set and kept them warm in the oven. Then, as they worked their way through those that I had kept warm, I cooked another round. And as I moved back and forth between the table and the stove, I thought about the weekend.There had been a lot of back and forth all weekend. Back and forth to various area a … [Read more...]

Twas the Morning After SBL

Do you remember Christmas morning as a kid? That pile of loot from Santa followed by that pile of loot from everybody else? Do you remember the anticipation, not just about what was in your pile, but those of your siblings?Well, it’s kinda like Christmas around here this morning. We’ve opened our tote bags after our weekend fun at the Society for Biblical Literature and here’s what SBL Santa brought us.HP’s pile:The Bible with Sources Revealed, Richard Elliot Friedman (God's words in red … [Read more...]

The Waters of Judah

Last evening HP called my attention to a recent post on M*. I think I’d like to add a little to the business of er...bloodlines and OT exegesis.So let’s do a little textual criticism. Here’s the text of Is 48:1: … [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Hannah

So...I wrote this for a ward RS board meeting, just after finishing my third semester of Hebrew. And I was sooooo proud of what I could do! Now, it looks naive and sentimental to me.On one level I cringe as I read it, but on another I smile as I remember what it was like in those wonderful, happy, first days of being able to actually deal with scripture. I was free of the constraints of English and of the enforced interpretation of another's translation -- free forever.Read and smile … [Read more...]

A Really Rapid Race Through Repentance

This is a sacrament meeting talk I recently gave. My favorite English dork wants to read it and I want to oblige. So FWIW...For my part in today’s discussion of repentance, I want to present what the NT contributes to the topic. I shall begin with a sample of repentance as taught by John the Baptist and then Jesus, letting Luke stand in for his fellow Synoptic evangelists. If time permits, I will continue with some of the contributions of Johannine and Pauline communities, the two great t … [Read more...]

The Death of Jesus in Mark IV

And so we come to the last of my little four part series. If you've just dropped in, the first three are below. Other than that, enjoy!The Burial of JesusAs the day draws to a close Mark’s readers are suddenly confronted with a bewildering set of religious and statutory complications regarding the corpse of Jesus. Jewish law required that the corpse be buried by sundown to prevent defilement of the land. Roman law prohibited removal of the body from the cross without permission of the p … [Read more...]

The Death of Jesus in Mark III

Hello everyone! I had a good weekend but now, as usual, I need a rest. In any case, here is the third installment, covering Mark's report of various initial reactions to the death of Jesus. The first to react is God, followed by the centurion. Finally, Mark mentions the fact that some women have been watching, as well... And if you've just wandered in, the first two pieces are below.Reactions to the Death of JesusWith the stark narration of the death of Jesus, attention begins to spill … [Read more...]