The Effects of the Christ-Event: Completion

Just before Easter, J. Stapley made this comment in response to an invitation issued to readers of New Cool Thang to participate in an Easter brainstorming session on the work of Christ:...I think that Joseph Smith was clear in the last months of his life that the Atonement was for God as well as Man. This is supported by the Book of Mormon – “that he might succor his people.” “The Spirit knoweth all things, nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh.”From this, I’d say that … [Read more...]

Relief Society Intrigues Iraqi Women

I see from a Salt Lake Tribune article found here, written by Peggy Fletcher Stack, that the RS has caught the attention of some folks in Iraq. Joan Betros, director of women's and children's family television programming for Iraqi Media Network, introduced the RS idea to an Iraqi colleage who reacted enthusiastically. The upshot is a nonprofit, nonreligious organization called FUTURE, that is, Families United Toward Universal Respect.Two things struck me when reading the article. The … [Read more...]

The Effects of the Christ-Event: Wider Aspects of Justification

Justification is one of the most prominent of Paul’s ten great metaphors and it’s also probably the best-known one as well. In this light, I think that I’ll try to move past an assumed understanding of justification by touching on three topics:1) The pre-Pauline roots of justification 2) Baptism and justification 3) Works of the law and justification … [Read more...]

The Effects of the Christ-Event: Mark’s Thoughts

One of the questions I get asked when talking about the effects of the Christ-event has to do with whether this avenue of approach is fruitful outside of the Paulines. The fact is, the entire NT pretty uniformly teaches Jesus in terms of what he did/does/will do. This time we’ll take a couple of examples from Mark. … [Read more...]

Whassup with that “one-third the hosts of heaven” stuff?

Since that shadowy character HP has lately taken to investigating the even darker figure of Satan in the dim reaches of LDS protology, David J and J. Watkins want to talk about the “third part” thing. And since I’m writing my dissy on Revelation and since I had way too much Mt. Dew after dinner, I’m going to oblige.First off, the easiest way to handle the whole thing is to rely strictly on DC 29:36-37 and be done with it:And it came to pass that Adam, being tempted of the devil—for behold th … [Read more...]

The Effects of the Christ-Event: New Creation

In one of those interesting threads over at New Cool Thang, the Head Thang posed a question to the rest of the Wild Thangs:Ok, our scriptures clearly say that because Jesus Christ was resurrected we all will be resurrected, too. I honestly have no idea why that is the case. If God can cause us to get new bodies then why did Jesus specifically have to be resurrected to make that possible? If Christ never came couldn’t God have resurrected us all anyway? If so, then what’s the connection? If … [Read more...]

The Effects of the Christ-Event: Reconciliation

Early last week a random John made a most interesting post that received no real response. Since I had been going to lead into a little series with precisely the point he made, I have taken the liberty of reproducing arJ’s comment here:As Kevin Barney pointed out at BCC recently the at-one-ment thing really is the word origin in English. But it isn’t clear to me how this word was selected to represent Christ’s sacrifice. Do any other languages render it similarly?Also odd is that the word … [Read more...]

Rehabilitating Our Judas: Ms. Tchacos Nussberger

Today's NYT has a story about how GJudas finally came to light. The eye-catcher is this:I think I was chosen by Judas to rehabilitate him," Ms. Tchacos Nussberger, 65, is quoted as saying in one of the society's books, "The Lost Gospel," by Herbert Krosney. Mr. Krosney is also an independent television producer who brought the gospel project to National Geographic.But the heart of the articles is really about the legal and ethical issues involved in acquiring, handling, and publishing these … [Read more...]