The Effects of the Christ-Event: Reconciliation

Early last week a random John made a most interesting post that received no real response. Since I had been going to lead into a little series with precisely the point he made, I have taken the liberty of reproducing arJ’s comment here:As Kevin Barney pointed out at BCC recently the at-one-ment thing really is the word origin in English. But it isn’t clear to me how this word was selected to represent Christ’s sacrifice. Do any other languages render it similarly?Also odd is that the word … [Read more...]

Rehabilitating Our Judas: Ms. Tchacos Nussberger

Today's NYT has a story about how GJudas finally came to light. The eye-catcher is this:I think I was chosen by Judas to rehabilitate him," Ms. Tchacos Nussberger, 65, is quoted as saying in one of the society's books, "The Lost Gospel," by Herbert Krosney. Mr. Krosney is also an independent television producer who brought the gospel project to National Geographic.But the heart of the articles is really about the legal and ethical issues involved in acquiring, handling, and publishing these … [Read more...]

Historical Jesus: Dr. Tabor and Jesus bar Pantera

You can tell the season by the books released. Yes, it's Easter and 'tis the season for books on the historical Jesus. This particular example comes from James Tabor, a historian and member of the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina. His theory is two baptizing messiahs, John in the Jordan and Jesus in the Suba cave (yes, the same Suba cave featured about three or four posts below this one).I did five posts on the historical Jesus in John Meier's work in the … [Read more...]

Gospel of Judas: The Beginning of a Sensible Response

Over at the Volkh Conspiracy, Dave Kopel has a piece up characterizing the media response to the presentation of the Coptic Gospel of Judas:This Friday's coverage of the so-called "Gospel of Judas" in much of the U.S. media was appallingly stupid. The Judas gospel is interesting in its own right, but the notion that it disproves, or casts into doubt, the traditional orthodox understanding of the betrayal of Jesus is preposterous.I must say I agree. What silliness. I don't think it's got … [Read more...]

Jesus Walked on Ice

This article applies a subject called paleolimnology, the study of "freshwater, brackish, salt water environments in the ancient world" to the question of how Jesus may have [appeared to] walk on water. The folks behind it are serious scholars. I collect these pieces, without prejudice to the science or lack thereof, as evidence of the massive influence that the NT record of Jesus maintains even now.Original website here. … [Read more...]

Cave of John the Baptist

This story relates progress in the excavation of Suba Cave, located about 15 miles west of Jerusalem. The link to the Baptist is controversial, resting mainly on some drawings on the walls and some evidence of baptisms. The real news is that this cave was a happenin' place in the 7th century BCE, making it a feature of Isaiah's era.The original website is here. I totally recommend you click that link for the pictures. To my non-archeologist's eye, the details of the enlargements are … [Read more...]

More On What God Knows and When He Knows It…

Ben S has a great piece up over at M* on openness theology and the question of how the OT presents God’s omniscience, but he didn’t use (didn’t need) an example of the same sort that is a favorite of mine. Since I had been meaning to write a bit on this, I’ve decided to dash off a little something on the matter, just to complement his remarks. … [Read more...]

Attention All Coptologists!

OK folks, here's what you've been waiting for: publication of the long-lost Gospel of Judas. After being a source of irritation to early church leaders, it went missing about 1,500 years ago. Now due to be published the end of next month, so as to again become a source of irritation to church leaders... Skullduggery, lies, theft...all the good stuff, and just in time for "Da Vinci Code," too.Original title: "Long-lost Gospel of Judas to Be Published," originally dated 19 Dec 05 and … [Read more...]