Important conversation about academia

I know I've been AWOL on my OT:FTW posts, but the recent tragic shootings over being denied tenure have sparked a variety of interesting reflections on tenure, academia, publishing, stress, and so on. I thought it merited more than a sidebar. … [Read more...]

OTFTW 2: Is the King James a Good Translation

Before discussing my 3 Bible suggestions from OTFTW 1, we need to discuss the KJV a bit. Below is a slightly fleshed-out Institute handout I've used in my Bible classes.  … [Read more...]

OTFTW 1: Out of the Best Books

For your post-turkey degustation, I present this list I handed out in Gospel Doctrine recently, with a 5-minute plug for three books in particular (starred below). I wanted to include more commentary on each book, but as is I had to stretch my margins to fit everything onto one front-back piece of paper.I also trucked in all the paper versions of the books I own on this list, and set up a table near the exit so people could flip through those they were interested in. List below, commentary … [Read more...]

Old Testament FTW! Introduction

Around here, we love us some Old Testament. And so, as D&C winds down and some of us start hearing the music build in anticipation, I bring you the first part of a series to run for the next 14 months or so, Old Testament For The Win™, or OTFTW.Among other things, I'm going to provide an annotated list of recommended Old Testament books and resources; discuss individual books on that list; explain how to use some Hebrew resources without knowing much Hebrew, what that's good for, as well a … [Read more...]

“Preparing minds to be faithful”- A Sacrament Mtg Talk

I spoke in Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago. My assigned topic was anything to do with Institute. I spent a few weeks mind-mapping, and delivered the following. Then recently, Ardis linked to President Uchtdorf's talk, which showed me I was thinking along the same lines he was.Here's my full outline, which I edited a good bit for time on the fly. (Wordpress doesn't import nested outlines very well, so I've had to futz with the formatting. After the intro, the major principles are bolded.) … [Read more...]

Who Lectures on the Book of Mormon?

I'm a big fan of The Teaching Company. They have lots of good stuff on the Bible, world religions, and a bunch of lesser topics as well, like arts, philosophy, etc. It's particularly interesting to hear Bart Ehrman and Luke T. Johnson lecture on Paul, since they have such contrasting approaches. … [Read more...]

My Thomas Marsh Experience

Edit: This post is in response to the Thomas Marsh discussion here.I was recently present for the Thomas Marsh lesson in a ward not my own. Being aware of the larger context, that for Marsh, the milk issue was really the straw that broke the camel's back, I felt compelled to speak up. The problem is always how to do so constructively, especially in a ward where they don't know you at all. Here's what I said. … [Read more...]

Online Greek and Hebrew Reader’s Editions

This is too useful to get lost in the sidebar. A new site is up that offers useful online functionality. It's essentially a configurable Reader's Edition, with color-coding morphology ("make all verbs red") and glosses. These are very useful things for beginners, reviewing, or just not where your resources are.Check it out here.Hat tip: MGVH … [Read more...]