Software Smackdown for the Bible Geek and Interested Layperson

I've had some questions lately about what kind of software I use in my studies. There are really only three contenders: Bibleworks, Accordance, and Logos. … [Read more...]

The Best Course of Action at This Point

For the last 6 hours, I've been hopping amongst websites and blogs, tracking, reading, thinking, questioning, arguing, posting.It's divisive.I'd say this election season is potentially the most divisive among LDS I've ever seen, and I see that as a wholly negative thing. Emotions are charged, deep-seated opinions and positions are expressed against those whom we once considered allies and fellow-citizens in the Gospel.And so, as the discussions rage, I will step away. Log off. Take some … [Read more...]

Academics aren’t entertaining enough

Though I understand about market forces and entertainment, the realities of the academic marketplace never fail to induce a groan and eye-roll.And if you've never seen it before, PhD Comics is great, even though it's science-oriented and I'm in humanities. … [Read more...]

Guest post- Ugaritic and the LDS temple

This is a guest post from The Monk, of Mormon Monastery, a repository of sorts for temple-related bibliography and a LDS Temple FAQ/essays.I have a favorite passage from Ugaritic literature. (Nitsav has written briefly on Ugaritic before. See that post if you need a primer.) I'm just geeky enough that I'd like a nice alphabetic cuneiform scroll* of it framed on my wall. Though everyone has heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, few know the Ugaritic texts which are ironically far more important for … [Read more...]

Sunday dining- how do you respond?

Some non-LDS friends invite you over for dinner on Sunday. Gospel conversation is unlikely. Do you go? Why or why not?  If not, how do you respond?How, if at all, is it different than inviting or being invited on Sunday to dine with LDS friends? … [Read more...]

Can I Get an Amen?!

Sometimes I feel that LDS sermons book reports Sacrament Meeting talks come a little short, whether in enthusiasm or mental stimulation or whatnot. But I guess it all depends on what you're comparing it to. … [Read more...]

Saints and Soldiers on Hulu

Among the LDS films worth watching is 2003's Saints and Soldiers. I'm sure it's been discussed around the Naccle several times, so google if you're interested. I liked the film. And now you can watch it for free, from Direct link … [Read more...]

Take your tithing and have a kegger, thus saith the Lord?!

In spite of the prophetic statement in D&C 89 that the Word of Wisdom was given because of conditions particular to our own time, many LDS read it back into the scriptures in one form or another. "Wine," for example, only means "grape juice" or some such. I view these historically inaccurate statements as attempts to legitimate or rationalize the Word of Wisdom. For myself, I keep the Word of Wisdom because I believe that it is God's will for me, and I have covenanted to keep it. (Sidenote: … [Read more...]