The Divine Council and its Doctrinal Implications: an EV-Mormon Discussion

Several months ago, I mentioned Mike Heiser's paper, " You've Seen One Elohim, You've Seen Them All? A Critique of Mormonism's Use of Psalm 82 ." Heiser wrote his dissertation on the topic of the Divine Council, and runs a website entitled The Divine Council which is aimed somewhat at Evangelicals, who tend to misunderstand the Old Testament text on this topic. He also works for Logos, which provides excellent Bible resources and study tools. Heiser, an Evangelical, "feel[s] more … [Read more...]

Ten Tantalizing Tidbits about the Book of Mormon

These aren't quite as tantalizing as TT's NT tidbits, but we don't have similar extra-scriptural data to work with here. I'm trying to be as provocative as I can (which probably just reveals my hard-core McConkie-style orthodoxy <g>) … [Read more...]

The LDS Temple and National Security: A Romney-Related Hypothetical

Romney's politics are irrelevant for this post, as the same hypothetical would apply if Harry Reid were running for President.How does an LDS President attend a Temple session? Can enough LDS secret service personnel be found to accompany him through a session? Does the Temple have a strict no-gun policy? Would he just not attend for 4 years? Would the DC Temple become a security concern, or a potential terrorist target. Would it be swept for bugs? Would Temple Recommends be heavily … [Read more...]

Playing Fast and Loose?

The recent Ensign article by the Hafens has already seen discussion at T&S and FMH. I'd like to add a comment, but first point out that I appreciate the tone and direction it took. I have found good guidance and much to think about in the Hafens' other writings. I have no wish or motive to make them or the Hebrew professor upon whom they relied look bad, but they have presented a flawed argument, which attempts to correct ignorance (a good and noble thing) but unwittingly does so with … [Read more...]

S#!% Gets Real! Spoiler-free review of Harry Potter 7

The gloves are off, and all the filler scenes of cuteness like going to a Hogwarts dance are gone. I found it very satisfying, energetic, and I have no complaints. Except that the movie can't come fast enough. … [Read more...]

Spontaneous Sacrament Meeting Talk

Last Sunday, before Sacrament meeting, one of the counselors approached me and my wife with a slip of paper. "We don't think our speakers are going to show up today, and this is our backup procedure." The paper read, "please take a few minutes to discuss a favorite scripture or two that has strengthened your faith in Christ, brought you comfort, or deepened your understanding of the Gospel." As it turned out, the speakers did not show up and the first three people given these slips of paper … [Read more...]

Missing the Forest

In my home ward, my Dad is the SP, and my Mom has taught Institute, Seminary, and Continuing Ed. for adults for many years. The GD class tends to be made up of those actually interested in original setting and scholarly interpretations, as well as the usual kinds of discussion and application. Consequently, the class tends to be happy when all three of us end up in GD, twice yearly or so.I happened to be home once last year during a lesson on some chapters from Isaiah. The teacher did a … [Read more...]

Financial Problems? Try this!

My home Stake President sent this clip around to all his Bishops, probably the only Steve Martin/SNL skit to ever receive such treatment.Where would I get this "saved money"? Find out today! … [Read more...]