Toss the Milk and Lose the Meat

I think most of the people that frequent the Bloggernacle believe that classes such as Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society fall short as far as how engaging they could be. This has been discussed in numerous places. Most recently at BCC; and earlier here at FPR under the rubric of "Consequentialism". "Engaging" of course means different things to different people, but it often is expressed along with the idiom of "milk before meat". I want to argue in this thread that employing the "milk … [Read more...]

EQ–Ethical Intelligence

Are we all born with the same amount of ethical intelligence? I would imagine that most people believe that "intelligence" or IQ is not something all people are born with equal amounts of (although an interesting argument anyone is welcome to take up would be that "IQ" is a culturally bound notion and most people are born with equal amounts of "intelligence"). While we may be able to increase our IQ to a certain extent, it seems (at least to me) that there are always people who are more in … [Read more...]

Church Education as Consequentialism

For a long time I've felt a disconnect between the concept of "education" employed by programs such as the Church Educational System, and "education" in the context school learning (be it post-high or not). I think I recently have been able to put more of a finger on why I've felt this way. Before going further I should probably admit that this may reflect more of my own attitudes and experience with "education" both within and without the church, than an "objective" description of the s … [Read more...]

Exchanging Orthodoxy for Orthopraxy

I tend to make few comments during lessons in Sunday School or Priesthood, even when something is said that I deeply disagree with. I don't want to be labeled as one who "stirs the pot" or the "ward liberal", so for the sake of maintaining harmonious relationships in the ward I usually keep my thoughts to one-on-one interactions I have with closer friends in the ward. When asked to comment (or to speak in Sacrament), I try to do it in a way that facilitates conversation without sparking … [Read more...]

Welcome Jondh and Yellow Dart

We'd like to welcome two guest bloggers: Jondh from SundayPage and Yellow Dart from LDS Kai Ta Biblia. (For more on them see their "about" pages.) Both are young scholars planning on going to grad school in Biblical or Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Let's welcome them to FPR! … [Read more...]

What’s Missing From the Three-Fold Mission?

I don't really know much about the history of the Three-Fold Mission of the Church:To Perfect the Saints, Proclaim the Gospel, and Redeem the Dead(Perhaps someone can refer something to read)I do know, however, that the Three-Fold Mission has been a central component of my church experience as long as I can remember. It seems, in most regards, that the Three-Fold Mission is meant to express the purpose of the Church (a "mission statement" for our religious organization). If I were to … [Read more...]

Interpretation and Revelation

I've been thinking lately about the question of revelation; not necessarily in a definitional sense (in terms of this post we can talk about revelation as knowledge revealed from God to his prophet(s)), but in a material sense--is revelation an idea interpreted into a particular language, recorded on paper, edited, and reproduced for others to read? Or is the reproduction the revelation itself? (And if so, then how materially should we take it--is the reproduced paper and ink sacred? Or if we … [Read more...]

Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction

In March Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction will be published as a part of Oxford's A Very Short Introduction series. For those unfamiliar with the series, Oxford has put out over 300 titles written by "experts" in particular fields (the volume on Kant by Roger Scruton from the University of London, for instance is a fantastically accessible introduction). They are brief (around 100 pages 4x6 inches), and meant for the non-specialist. Richard Bushman is the author of the volume on Mormonism. … [Read more...]