Imposed Openness

How is God infinite and embodied? Are we born in the spirit world or have our spirits existed forever? What is the nature of "intelligence"? What is eternal progression?These are issues that LDSs have different views on. Leaders throughout the history of the Church have also expressed a variety of views in responding to these kinds of questions. The fact that 2 different LDSs can hold opposing views about these issues and both still be considered "faithful" is a primary reason that some see … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying: Spotlight on Edinburgh

Our next spotlight comes from Benjamin Park. Ben is a master's student at the University of Edinburgh's School of Divinity, studying historical theology in the 18th and 19th century. He also blogs at the Juvenile Instructor. … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying to Grad Programs in Religious Studies, Part VII: Placement

As much as graduate school offers up the chance for one to delve deeply into a particular topic of interest and, in many regards, devote several years of one's life to studying these interests; it is also a means to an end. In other words, success at graduate school (on the PhD level) entails not only producing a respectable dissertation, but also entails securing "good" employment after graduation. For most of those going into PhD programs in religious studies, this means landing a tenure track … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying: Spotlight on Oxford

Application and admission season is upon us. This next spotlight comes from Daniel O. McClellan, a master's student at Oxford. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Lacking Celestial Motivation

Before leaving on my mission I spent several evenings teaming up with the missionaries in our ward to see how they taught and to gain a general feel for mission life. I still recall teaching one investigator a lesson on the role of Jesus Christ, part of which included a discussion on the resurrection--how it was a free gift and that we would gain a perfect body, etc. … [Read more...]

Globalizing the Word of Wisdom

I overheard part of an interesting discussion this past Sunday when a member of our ward was discussing traveling to China. Knowing that "tea" would be served at practically every meal, this member wondered what kinds of teas were against the Word of Wisdom. I don't recall the entirety of the answer, but I do remember one of the people involved in the discussion explaining that "tea" in Chinese could refer to anything from water to black tea. … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying: Spotlight on GTU

We're keeping things rolling with a fan favorite. Sheila Taylor studies at Graduate Theological Union. I think I can say, speaking for FPR, that she's one of the brightest people we know, and one of the finest scholars of the up-and-coming generation. … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying: Spotlight on UCSB

We're please to continue our series with a Spotlight on the University of California, Santa Barbara, provided by PhD student Stephen Flemming. Steve, as most are aware, blogs on JI. You can find out more about him here. … [Read more...]