Tips on Applying: Spotlight on UCSB

We're please to continue our series with a Spotlight on the University of California, Santa Barbara, provided by PhD student Stephen Flemming. Steve, as most are aware, blogs on JI. You can find out more about him here. … [Read more...]

Deep Agency

One of the most common answers LDS's give to the "purpose of life" question is that this life is a "training",  or a time in which we are "proven" and "tested". Central to this notion of the purpose of life is the concept of "free agency". We must be "free to choose" between "good and evil" in order to gain experience for ourselves and grow in this exam, called "life". … [Read more...]

Cultural Capital and Critical Space

This started off as a comment on TT's thread, the Cultural Critic as Apologist; but as it grew in length I figured I should probably start a new post altogether. In TT's thread he raises the issue of creating space for the cultural critic. This critic is "faithful" in the sense that s/he desires to remain within the community of saints and make it a better place where "the ideals of Zion can be realized". In this post I want to employ an alternative mode of analysis to look at a kind of space … [Read more...]

Where Todd Wood and Jettboy can have it Out

For fear of a looming thread-jack starting here, I opened this thread. … [Read more...]

Reading Elder Holland’s Dissertation

I knew that Elder Holland graduated from Yale with a PhD in American Studies, but it never occurred to me until General Conference (while I was watching him speak), that it might be available online via ProQuest (UMI's Microfilm initiative). Most university libraries, by the way, have subscriptions that will let you download the dissertation for free. … [Read more...]

Theologically Challenged

I was struck by something I noticed in Sunday School this past week when the instructor handed around a reprint of the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. … [Read more...]

Multiple Authorities

The notion of authority can imply a range of ideas. Among this range it can mean "the power to act in behalf of", as well "the possession of specialized knowledge". An authority in the former sense would be a decision/policy maker for an organization or a representative of an organization. An authority in the latter sense would be an expert or reliable source of information on a particular topic. … [Read more...]

Tips on Applying: Spotlight on Harvard Divinity School

This spotlight is on Harvard Divinity School, and comes from Michael I., an alumnus and current PhD student at Harvard. … [Read more...]