I know that Mitt is true.

In testimony meeting this month, a good sister bore testimony of Mitt Romney. She stated that she knew that God had prepared Gordon B. Hinckley to be the prophet is these days. Then she said that she knew that God had also prepared Mitt Romney for this day. She went on to talk briefly about having recently read the Hugh Hewitt book on Romney and how much she liked it (“…and he is not even a member…”).The best part was watching the bishop squirm. It obviously made him nervous. Of course, it is … [Read more...]

“Chinese Democracy”

That is the name of the Guns 'N Roses album that has been in the works for the past 10+ years. Axel Rose wants to absolutely perfect the sound before he allows it to be released. It is aptly named as a sort of idealistic goal which we hope is around the corner, but may never actually come. Basically that is what we are doing here. We are perfecting a number of posts right now which will soon be released. Hopefully it won't take 10 years, but then again I doubt it will be as good as GNR. … [Read more...]

What is an Author?

As Mormons I think that we are deeply invested in authorial intent as the source of authority in the scriptures. We share this belief with many historical-critics, who have also left unhistoricized this assumption. In this view, the author's voice is the voice of author-ity, the one who determines meaning and from whose perspective we are able to survey the situation. Certainly, we are allowed to be suspicious of the author's claims from time to time, but even here it is the author's voice … [Read more...]

The Trouble With Belief

I have just finished another semester of VCR repairperson school and because I am an advanced repairman, I actually spent the end of the semester grading student papers rather than writing them. This is by no means my first time grading, but this time for some reason that I have begun to reflect on the ethics of the disciplining task in which I am engaged. You see, like all classes, my VCR class this semester had a particular perspective on how one should approach VRC-repairpersonship. By no … [Read more...]

The “Vote of Thanks”

I've been a Mormon all my life. Sadly, I mostly tune out during sacrament meeting, and I usually bring something to read because 99.9% of the time, I come away from sacrament meeting feeling less in tune with God than before. With a good book in hand, I can have some face time in the ward but simultaneously worship God my own way (currently reading Grant Palmer's Insider's View of Mormon Origins - IT'S EXTRAORDINARY!). Last week, I heard something I've heard all my life, and like a good … [Read more...]

Faithful Dissent

While reading through some of the transcripts of the interviews used for PBS' "The Mormons", some of Elder Holland's comments caught my eye. Dave over at DMI also posted about this interview, although he didn't necessarily pursue the issue I would like to raise here. … [Read more...]

A Case for the DH, Part III: No New Covenant (not in Exod 34, anyway)

The evidence and discussion in parts I and II are more than just academic exercises and proofs of the DH, because they deal with a narrative that is central to some of the fundamental tenets of the Church: the "New Covenant" that we understand God to have made with the Israelites. In the compiled version of Exod 34, it appears that Moses went up the mountain a second time to get a new set of tablets. The first set, which was intended to include the decalogue and possibly the Covenant Code (Exod … [Read more...]

Enoch Pt.2: The Ancient Evidence

In the first post I briefly introduced the idea that there exists a textual tradition of Enoch which lies outside of the Bible, a tradition that 1st century Christians had and accepted to one degree or another as true. I posed the question as to how these two traditions might relate and whether there existed the possibility that in this tradition we might be able to detect a restoration of lost ancient text by Joseph Smith in his JST account of Enoch in the Book of Moses. In this post we'll look … [Read more...]