Mormon Support for War Waning

I always figured that the last sign of the apocalypse would be that the Boston Red Sox would win the World Series. And then they did. Then I shifted to the White Sox, and they did too. Then I tried to imagine something that would prolong the apocalypse (in my mind, anyway) until far, far beyond my own lifetime: Mormons giving up on all things conservative.Well, the majority of Mormons may not be heaving out conservatism entirely (one can only dream in my case...), but they are beginning to not … [Read more...]

Of Course Mormonism has Theology

Dave's post over at DMI reminded me of first time I heard that Mormonism didn't have "theology". Back then I thought, "You've got to be kidding me!" As I listened, though, I slowly understood. I also agreed. However, the more I've listened to discussions on the topic, the more I've found the claim problematic.The problem with this, as I see it is (at least) two-fold:First of all, "theology" is removed from it's broader sense of "faith seeking understanding" to a more specialized/technical … [Read more...]

A Note on a Footnote in Mt 28:20

Last Sunday as I was preparing to teach GD I noticed an odd footnote associated with the word "teaching" in Mt 28:20.  This verse is part of a larger passage, the Great Commission of the First Gospel.  The speaker is the resurrected Jesus and the occasion is his departure.  This is the text in the AV: 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsover I have command you: and lo, … [Read more...]

How to Reconcile Difference: In History and More

Earlier comments made by Mogget that the BoM tends to deal with the "other" in terms of conversion, military conquest, or basically "ignoring" them has got me thinking. How do we as a people deal reconcile difference? I'm less inclined to make a textual observation here (as I believe Mogs was doing); and instead am speaking socio-culturally.I think there are a variety of (sometimes competing) alternatives we already employ in dealing with difference (both internal and external differences). In … [Read more...]

Pharisees and Anti-Judaism

Modern Mormons often claim to be philo-Judaic through kinship claims and belief in a shared persecuted history. However, we have also inherited a Christian tradition of anti-Judaism which is pervasive in the church. Our insulation from larger trends in Christianity has also made us less reflective about our language about Jews and Judaism as other Christian denominations (though certainly not all) have reeled from the scandal of WWII and the role that Christian theology, supersessionism, and … [Read more...]

The Matthean Judas

One of the key differences between the story of the death of Jesus in Matthew and that of Mark is the narration of the fate of Judas in Mt. 27:3-10.  This story plays a variety of roles in Matthew's story.  It's another of Matthew's famous fulfillment citations.  It fills a narrative gap in the Marcan version, which mentions the perfidy of Judas but not his fate.  And along with the story of the dream of Pilate's wife, it also affirms the innocence of Jesus. There is, however, more to the story … [Read more...]

Ugaritic! Huh! What is it good for?! Absolutely everything…

The texts from the city of Ugarit and the language they were written in (Ugaritic) are far more important for understanding the Old Testament than the Dead Sea Scrolls, but the DSS hog all the press. Logos is about to publish an electronic Ugaritic library. Instead of writing a lengthy post of my own, let me link to one of Logos' academic staff, Mike Heiser, who explains why Ugaritic is so important. (See also this demo video for usage examples)Incidentally, Mike is an Evangelical who wrote … [Read more...]

How To Get Hired at BYU Religion

As an amateur, I am not really eligible for this, but in speaking to some friends of mine going through the process, I must say that I find the BYU Religion hiring process to be really weird, and a bit insulting. Perhaps some of you who are going through it/have gone through it can illuminate me on the ins and outs. What is mostly disturbing about the hiring process is that it seems incredibly ad hoc and much more demanding on grad students time and resources than any other job application. … [Read more...]