This Sunday, the boys in our ward scout troops will have their Board of Review, which is the meeting in which advancement is discussed with those on the board. The meeting will be held immediately after church, and each boy is required to wear his scout shirt. Which creates a dilemma – can the boys pass the sacrament wearing a scout shirt? Unfortunately, somebody in the ward feels they cannot. The leader of the deacon’s quorum came into Elder’s quorum… Read more

The entry on “paradise” in the bible dictionary found in the LDS edition of the AV has some points that give me pause. Here is the passage: (more…) Read more

Pi Day: the 14th day of the 3rd month, at about the 15th hour, which would be 3 PM… (more…) Read more

Yesterday’s results: 1- Joseph Smith 26 12 – James Talmage 6 11 – Restoration of Priesthood Authority 22 2 – Continuing Revelation 10 3 – The Doctrine and Covenants 28 7 – The 1st Official Declaration 4 4 – Temple Building 24 9 – The Young Women’s Program 8 In today’s matches: (more…) Read more

1 – Joseph Smith vs. 12 – James Talmage Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?Joseph SmithJames Talmage  Free polls from 2 – Continuing Revelation vs. 11 – Restoration of Priesthood Authority Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?Continuing RevelationRestoration of Priesthood Authority  Free polls from 3 – The Doctrine and Covenants vs. 7 – the 1st Official Declaration Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?The Doctrine and CovenantsThe 1st Official Declaration  Free polls from… Read more

First of all, let’s get yesterday’s final results out of the way: 4 – Joseph F. Smith 36 13 – Chieko Okazaki 8 9 – Gordon B. Hinckley 32 8 – Spencer W. Kimball 10 16 – The Companionship of the Holy Ghost – 29 1 – “As Man is, God once was; As God is, Man may become” 13 12 – Saving Ordinances 33 5 – 3 Kingdoms of Glory 9 2 – The Bible 24 15 – Jesus… Read more

What, you might ask, is the Heliand? As good Saints, you will remember that Nephi “likened scripture” to himself, his people, and his situation. Well, he wasn’t the only one. In the 9th century an unknown Northern European warrior-monk-poet took it upon himself to “liken” the Gospels to his own people and situation: a chieftain society, a defeated people, a nation forcibly Christianized by Charlemagne. The result was the Heliand, a re-imaging of the Jesus story. (more…) Read more

The results from yesterday: 3 – Bruce R. McConkie 22 14 – Orson Scott Card 3 10 – David O. McKay 17 7 – Eliza R. Snow 5 13 – Zionism 12 4 – Heavenly Mother 10 9 – The Word of Wisdom 21 8 – Plural Marriage 1 1 – The Book of Mormon 21 16 – The Young Women’s Values 1 5 – The Lectures on Faith 13 12 – Zeal without Knowledge 9 2 – The Missionary… Read more

There have been a lot of tight battles thusfar in the Tournament. Some upsets that you think, “What was the seeding committee thinking?” and some close battles that make you think that the committee was thinking. Well, more of the same this week. (more…) Read more

I apologize. Things are busier now than I planned for and I need to install a new program to try and get the polls working properly. The game will resume on Monday and the rest of the first round matches will take place next week. Thanks for your participation thusfar. The winners from today are: 2 Brigham Young 25 15 Eugene England 6 11 Hugh Nibley 26 6 Emma Smith 3 3 Physical Divine Beings 21 14 Dispensationalism 8 10… Read more

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