Archives for May 2010

The One True World

Though it’s all one world, when we close our eyes to the outer life, we open our eyes to the inner life, and we are made to blink so we can live in the one true world. [Read more…]

Centering Clay

Dig something you think might last from the earth and wedge the air from it. Then clean the wheel, the one which spins on its side, the one which goes nowhere. Slap the clay on the wheel and sit forward with your legs firmly planted. Brace your forearms against your thighs. And wet your hands. [Read More…]

In Full Praise

When asked about the difference between a slow-witted boy and a sage, a rabbi said, “Humility and Praise.” His students were puzzled. He went on, “The unaware one grows like a stone—solid and enduring. The awakened one breaks through the dark like a sapling breaking ground—its reach mirroring its roots. The self-conscious one darts like [Read More…]


What we want and what we’re given often serve two different Gods. How we respond to their meeting determines our path. [Read more…]


It could be the letter never answered, the one in which you declared your love in such a tender way, admitting to every- thing. Or when the shell you brought all the way from the Philippines is dropped by some loud stranger you never wanted to show it to in the first place. It could [Read More…]