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Water Doesn’t Lie

A thousand years ago, a colorful bird flew out of an ancient tree in Persia, just as a thoughtful boy opened his eyes. He never saw it lift, only sweep over him in flight. This is how he came to speak of God: as something lifting out of view, as something sweeping over us once [Read More…]

Pilot Light

Sorry. As soon as I talk about it, it moves out of view. Let me try again. There is a teacher, a teaching, a moment that keeps working me. I became aware of it four years ago when I met several burn survivors; heroic individuals whose faces have been removed, whose limbs have been disfigured. [Read More…]

Losing Yourself

We’re having lunch at the harbor, salads and tea, and Bob starts talking about losing himself in certain pieces of music. Not losing track of time. Or forgetting to meet me in half an hour. More that who he is pools, for the mo- ment, in a larger sea. He says it’s scary, ’cause he’s [Read More…]

Oprah interviews Mark Nepo—6/28 and 7/4—don’t miss it!

Huge news! Mark recently sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey at Harpo Studios in Chicago for Oprah’s Soul Series on SIRIUS XM Radio, Channel 156. You can listen by tuning into SIRIUS on Monday, 6/28/10 @ 11am and 4pm ET and again on Sunday, 7/4/10 at NOON ET. HERE’S THE LINK. Consider signing [Read More…]

A Steadfast Teacher

—If we want to be held, we have to behold. I admit that well into my thirties, I felt this natural yearning to be seen and heard which in time became urgent and draining. But over the years, I slowly came to realize that being held is more important than being understood. When held, I [Read More…]