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There’s the limb that came down in the last storm. And the peach tree we want to transplant. And the furnace needs to be cleaned. And I promised to water the plants while you’re gone. And I want to buy you that necklace I saw you linger with when I was waiting on the sidewalk. [Read More…]

Grace Notes

In learning to play piano at the age of forty-one, I worked my fingers far enough into that uncanny dimension that all pianists know, regardless of their level of skill, where the hands, briefly, beyond all logic, start to behave more quickly than the mind that tries to read the notes or position the fingers. [Read More…]

The Slowing of the Land

There is a day when the road neither comes or goes, and the way is not a way but a place. —Wendell Berry We drive to Bangor, take a right at the blinking yellow light, another right on Hastings Court and then down a dirt road to Blue Dog Greens. Twenty-eight acres of agreeable land [Read More…]

Get a taste of Robert’s class

Your Heroic Journey started yesterday and it was an inspiring and thought-provoking class. Here’s a little sampling of Robert talking about how the experience of poetry mirrors the classic hero’s journey. We’ll be posting small excerpts from the class from week to week. [Read more…]

Lifting the Net

I’m a bird who’s found his way to the forest. –Po Chü-I Sitting alone in the place of practice, the cranes rise beyond the mirror I avoid and I put down the great perfection and dream of a path that shimmers in the mountains that have always called, the ones that float beyond the village [Read More…]