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The way we practice

The earth spins on its axis drifting through the dark, seeming to go nowhere as it inches its way around the sun. What if this is the way of things? What if every heart spins on its story? What if every mind spins on its best guess of how this all goes together? What if [Read More…]

What I Really Want to Say

If what I have can help, you can have it. Why? We are carriers not owners. As soon as we think we own, we start longing to receive. And everything stops flowing. How? Whatever it might be, if it’s stuck, we can take it apart and build something together. Are you ready? To be as [Read More…]

Why am I the only one crying?

I met a woman who had loved Mozart her whole life. We were at a large dinner party. She sat next to me and quietly said, “You know, I have a Jewish background, but I go sometimes to their church. It’s so somber that it makes me cry. I’ve lost two teenage girls, you know. [Read More…]

2 poems by Robert McDowell

Robert read two of his poems during Saturday’s class: 400 Apples The Sheep That Feeds You [Read more…]

To Be and Belong

Let go your want for greatness and feel the tool that’s in your hand. Let go your fear of emptiness and receive the wave still reaching from the beginning. It only wants to enliven you the way a candle fills an entire room. Let the web of living things entangle you. Only stars are free [Read More…]

Not According to Plan

When I drop my glasses in the airport and they are crushed in the walkway between terminals, I get to meet the three kind souls who help me on my way. Then I hear you crying after everyone has left and bring you water. Ever since the lock on my door broke, I have more [Read More…]