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I Have Not Forgotten

any of you. Not the long friendship we somehow broke into pieces so sharp we couldn’t hold. Or the love we tried so hard to mend though it splintered like a fence we didn’t post. I’m still not sure what we were keeping in or out. I have not forgotten the tender place in which [Read More…]

For His Students (for Steve Severin)

I have come to tell you that your teacher is gone. Much too soon. He was a good man with a good heart and he was my friend. Every- thing else grows like a branch from this strong wood. He was a great teacher because he loved you. Because he believed you are young horses [Read More…]

Breaking Bread

The giver is used up in the giving as rain evaporates in what it helps to grow. It is human to fear this, but we can no more resist it than the pit can resist becoming fruit. When you listen, I release my song of silence. When I see you, you release your light waiting [Read More…]

What Then?

What if you slept? And what if, In your sleep You dreamed? And what if, In your dream, You went to Heaven And there plucked A strange and Beautiful flower? And what if, When you awoke, You had the flower In your hand? Ah… what then? —Coleridge Like sunlight on a spider’s web, this small [Read More…]