Archives for December 2010

Asking, Having, Saying

What would you ask if you had the chance? Would you trade that asking for what opens on the top of a hill when no one’s looking and the clouds give up and the light makes you and I remember all that we were born with? What would you have if you could have anything? [Read More…]

What Holds Us

It seems we are asked by love or forced by experience to sit with what it means to be alive until we deepen into what holds us. At first we might feel the self like a rock packed in the earth after a long rain. Then we might deepen into the heart of the Universe [Read More…]

How the Divine Speaks

I tried to think about my problem but the wind from behind the cloud turned the umbrella and brushed the thought from my face and my worry entered the crow on the roof who started to caw. Then the crow having coughed up my worry began to fly. We can’t caw and fly at the [Read More…]

The Migration of Kindness

Her sister was dying of cancer, a thousand miles away. She had no way of getting there and time was short. Feeling helpless, she took a bus to the clinic in her town. She’d never been. She volunteered; lifting strangers out of bed, cleaning their bedpans. At lunch she rubbed their arms in the courtyard; [Read More…]