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Just Keep Working

The leaves are inside out. A storm is coming. Who first noticed this? And what is a storm? A disturbed state in the atmosphere. Like the dark cloud I sometimes carry in my head. And why inside out? Is there something in us that wants so badly to be drawn out that it dreams of [Read More…]


It is ancient but not old. The Taoist master Chuang Tzu first spoke of it in the 3rd century BC as the Great Ridgepole that holds the Unseeable Tent of the Universe open. Around which we dance. Trying to leave it. Always coming back. Within a hundred years it was known as Tai Chi. In [Read More…]

Mark’s new audio books are now available!

The Book of Awakening is available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble Powell’s iTunes Finding Inner Courage is available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble Powell’s [Read more…]

Soul Series archive now available

Mark Nepo’s conversations with Oprah on her “Soul Series” radio show are now archived online. Listen to clips of Mark and Oprah’s inspiring conversation here. [Read more…]

Relentless Hunger

As soon as we covet what someone else is or has, that desire prevents us from seeing what we have. —Paul Bowler I was at a conference, and in the basement of the enormous hotel was a casino. Having only been once or twice, I was curious. As I entered the windowless room, I was [Read More…]

The Gift and the Hole

We are each born with a gift and a hole, and given a life to be in conversation with them, to have one fill the other. It doesn’t matter where the hole is in your life or what the gift is, it is always the journey of a life on earth to discover how they [Read More…]