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I Promise You

I was in a circle of those who climbed from the sea of their lives onto the shore of a day like today. We were tired, alive, aglow, broken. And out of a sudden silence a young woman stood and sang You’ve Got a Friend and when she voiced, “You just call out my name… [Read More…]

The Heart of It

And there, in the half-light, the one song beneath our names kept the last note in the air longer and the night opened and without a word, we loved each other… Consider the nature of a flute as a metaphor for how experience carves its holes in us, all for the chance to have the [Read More…]

Entering the Forest

My glasses have cracked. Ten days to repair. Without a clear way to see, what will come? Will horses rush out behind the trees? Will I have the courage to ride them? My heart has cracked. No clear way to feel the world. How long to repair? Or is being cracked the repair? Tigers chasing [Read More…]

Fire in the Temple

Sokuhi (1616-1671) was a Buddhist monk and an accomplished poet and calligrapher. Together with Mokuan (1611-1684) and their teacher Yuan (1592-1673), the three were known in Japan as the “Three Brushes of Ōbaku” (Ōbaku no Sanpitsu). In 1650 at the age of 34, Sokuhi was badly burned while fighting a forest fire near the temple [Read More…]