Archives for May 2011

Her Name Meant Light

—Forgive me. I loved a woman who loved the earth. I met a man who was going there, where you had lifted the faces of children. He now works where you are buried. He scratched his chin and said, “I know someone is out there, beneath a tree, but I don’t know who she was.” [Read More…]

Signs of the One Essence

The tops of clouds that no one sees illuminated by the sun. The inside of the heart that no one sees softened by the soul. The warmth waiting at the center of all silence. The calm waiting at the center of all feeling. The coolness waiting at the bottom of a lake. The emptiness waiting [Read More…]

Facing a Demon

A large demon appeared in the village one day. Out of fear, the blacksmith poked its cheek with his hot iron and the demon ate him. With the wound on his face, the demon seemed scarier. All the men started to carry weapons. This made the demon more cunning and more ferocious. Two brothers decided [Read More…]

For Those Trying Too Hard

Don’t be harsh with yourself. The oar hits a rock and splits. We find a branch offered by the storm and carve another. The tongue hits a falsehood and burns. We baptize our lips slowly in the truth and learn to say yes, one more time. Even with our eyes closed, the sun is near. [Read More…]

Stairs Made of Water

Imagine climbing stairs made of water to a doorway of light, through which we both leave ourselves and find ourselves. This is the moment of unity that musicians and artists and lovers know when they give themselves completely to their music and their art and to what they love. [Read more…]