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Going Home

It was the middle of the day. Early September. Light skirting out from under the leaves. I was taking the compost to the edge of the yard when I saw you pinching a pot on the old bench near the bird bath we’d lugged from Albany. Mira was lying in the grass, sun closing her [Read More…]

The Bridge and the Elephant

In the dream, I was working hard to finish a bridge in order to cross some river whose current was strong. It seemed important to get where I was going, though I couldn’t put where I was going into words. Just as I finished the arc of the bridge, an elephant appeared in the water. [Read More…]

To Glow

Like light in the sun spilling out of the sun, the spirit within beams its way through all our cracks till our most treasured walls come down.   The coming down of those walls is the blessing we crave and resist.   The coming down of those walls—so the light of the soul like the [Read More…]

Discover Your Deepest-Held Beliefs

Mark’s article appears on today: Part of Oprah’s morning ritual is reading Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening. So we asked him to explain how imperative it is to find the vitality that brings us all alive. However we express it, staying connected to the sanctity of life is our deepest, most natural belief. Yet [Read More…]


How the door left open is a threshold to a new world, which we fear to go through. How the broken birdhouse tips the baby birds into each other till the one leaned on most takes the longest to fly. How the patch of wildflowers tries to drink of the fast-moving river. I confess I’ve [Read More…]


On the way home, hundreds of fireflies. They flicker like your memory of Bennington, the poetry readings at night in the barn. Crossing the field of grasses, they were everywhere, their abdomens glowing. They hibernate like us over the long winter, some for years. Some burrow underground. Others find safety in the bark of trees. [Read More…]