Archives for November 2011

In Love with the World

There is no end to love. We may tear ourselves away or fall off the cliff we thought sacred or even burn the home we dreamt of. But when the rain comes slow at a slant and the pavement turns cold, that place where I keep you and you and all of you—that place opens [Read More…]

On and Off the Path

It’s the light above the path that points to the path that makes it a path. The way the sun off the moon lights the oar with the peace we were looking for while we sleep it off adrift in the boat. It’s the light above the heart that points to the heart that makes [Read More…]

Going Inward

I’ve been walking the acre of my soul. It’s been so long. And there’s the hill I used to sit on. I’d watch the stars reflect in the river when it was tired of running. I wonder what the view is now. But it takes at least a day to get there and another to [Read More…]

The Early Sky Is Degas Yellow and You Are Still Asleep

I love this time of day. The only leaves left are small silhouettes against the sky. They will go unnoticed once the world wakes. Yesterday while we were driving, George was setting up the sawhorses outside his shop. As we rolled through Parchment, the sun I so love flooded the intersection and I couldn’t see [Read More…]