Archives for January 2012

The Lesson of Winter

It’s been cloudy for days. We feel so gray. The snow keeps falling. But for an hour on Thursday night the clouds part and the moon, almost full, makes everything bright—the ice like diamonds stuck in the gutters, the garbage can wheels unable to move, happy to be at rest, the nose of the deer [Read More…]

Wu Wei’s Pot

The King asked the Master Potter to shape a pot with a strong foundation and a thin lip from which to drink. Wu Wei had made many in his time. This was a simple request. He asked to watch the King and his chancellors to see how they used such pots. So Wu Wei attended [Read More…]

The One Conversation

In the interviews I’ve been blessed to have with Oprah, we seem to enter what I would call the “One Conversation,” the one ongoing story of how we spend our time on earth. All our lives contribute to this conversation. All our stories contribute to the one ongoing story. Let me share some reflections on [Read More…]

The Poems

When starting out, I was so excited that anything showed up, I thought I was done. But somewhere along the way, I realized they are alive and I wasn’t wrestling them into view. They, respecting my effort, agreed to be seen. Not to be re- vealed, but to be loved. Now I circle back in [Read More…]

A Spiritual Problem

When circling what is sacred without touching what is sacred, it’s all we can do to find the thread of what matters. Mostly the thread finds us when we least expect: when things are going well and a sadness comes to dinner; when finding a picture of someone you buried long ago and in their [Read More…]

The Descent

How do we live in a world where all things are true? Yet we do. Like a pebble tossed in the ocean, each soul dropped into the world floats slowly, though to us it seems so fast, while a thou- sand things come together, tear apart, prey on each other, grow from the bottom, leap [Read More…]