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Thinking Like a Butterfly

Monday I was told I was good. I felt relieved. Tuesday I was ignored. I felt invisible. Wednesday I was snapped at. I began to doubt myself. On Thursday I was rejected. Now I was afraid. On Saturday I was thanked for being me. My soul relaxed. On Sunday I was left alone till the [Read More…]

Before the Waterfall

The art of living isn’t that simple. But honesty makes it bearable and everything stripped of its film is bare and sincere. The tree limb cracking in the storm is as honest as the drop of rain coating a sad girl’s lip. We have been misled to think that meaning can be debated. We build [Read More…]

Mark in conversation with Marianna Caccaitore

The Journey of Awakening: Conversation with Mark Nepo Read the full transcript here. A poem from the interview: Winter Confession I’ve tried to follow every wind and listen for its source. I’ve tried to follow every light, and with my face in the sun, all the things we carry that are afraid of the light [Read More…]

The Oldest Conversation

I wonder, will anyone recognize us without our anger or our fear? And if we stand here, softly in the open, will we be watered or just mowed down? Wait. Now that you’re here, tell me about the moon and how deer dream of running water and how dogs are simply dogs. Teach me—before we’re [Read More…]

The Great Wave

Regardless of what is fair or just in a situation, if we cannot face our pain, we will nurture offenses and cultivate love through being a victim. No matter how skillfully we might do this, relationships will fall away till we are sadly left alone with the pain we won’t face. Sometimes we seek refuge [Read More…]

Letting Go, a video post by Michele McHall

[Read more…]