Archives for March 2012

Mother at 85

We haven’t spoken in years. My father says her memory is shrinking. After five minutes she’s unsure what conversation she’s parachuted into. She can’t remember what she went down the mayonnaise aisle for. It softens me and I wonder: what crumbles first, the hard times or the soft? Has she lost her version of why [Read More…]

Listening to Others

Still enough and we break surface like small fish wanting to eat light. In that moment, we’re up in the air, eyes wide, our mouths open, our bodies shining from the deep. Sometimes we even touch before going back down. When in the deep, we long for the breach, when in the air, we dread [Read More…]

The Necessary Rain

The sparking flame holds against the necessary rain. —Robert Mason The human and the being must reach an agreement with each other or there will be no peace for the life that carries them. The human in us must accept that it will never transcend this life into what its heart knows is eternal. It [Read More…]

The Empty Necklace

We each have one, made over a lifetime of the empty moments in between, when everything is still and complete, each a clear bead strung on the invisible chain of our experience. I’m thinking of the long silence after we talked for months about what it’s like to be alive. Or the time in winter [Read More…]