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My Favorite Glass

You broke my favorite glass. Now you feel bad. It was my favorite because I touched it so many times. I looked at its pieces you so carefully gathered. I think it was tired and wanted to go. I held the largest shard and it glittered. I held it to my ear and it said, [Read More…]

The Truth of Experience

Imagine a river of fire and you are a piece of wood in which someone has hidden a jewel and no matter how you try, you are destined to burn your way to the falls where just when you feel certain you are to die, the weight of the wood has burned off and only [Read More…]

Keeping What Is True Before Us

Faith is not an insurance, but a constant effort, a constant listening to the eternal voice. —Abraham Heschel I needed to have blood drawn for my annual physical and even though it’s been twenty years since I’ve been spit out from the mouth of the whale of cancer, it’s never very far. I kept telling [Read More…]

The Art of Putting Things Together

Words of wisdom from Mark Nepo. [Read more…]

Mark talks about “Holding Nothing Back,” the subject of his new CD set with Sounds True

[Read more…]

Loose Like Silk

The other night at dinner Eileen tells us that her great aunt would play piano for silent movies. Something in this won’t let me go. Perhaps it’s the image of someone playing music in the dark while we watch others like us meet life in silence. It makes me think of a caveman drumming a [Read More…]

The Art of Encouragement: How to Encourage Yourself & Others

via There is an art to imparting strength and confidence, to inspiring and heartening what is already within us. In many ways, to encourage is to help the heart unfold. And each time we do so, another aspect of our true self unfolds. Very often, the art of encouragement is needed to counter some [Read More…]

Foreign editions of The Book of Awakening

Top, left to right: Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Bulgarian, French [Read more…]

Beneath the Chatter

Archie loves Betty, but Betty loves Petra and Danny wants whatever the person next to him has. And the poor want to be rich and the rich want to live forever. And Henry fears Miguel and Miguel who has done nothing fears the white police. And Jorge tries to explain to his son what a [Read More…]