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I don’t know why I was born with this belief in something deeper and larger than we can see. But it’s always called. Even as a boy, I knew that trees and light and sky all point to some timeless center out of view. I have spent my life listening to that center and filter- [Read More…]

Mark’s view from Cortes Island at Hollyhock this morning. Wishing him and his participants a wonderful and fulfilling weekend on the topic of Staying Awake.   [Read more…]

The Ocean of Being

If I don’t try to behold the Universe, to see how the Universe holds me, I will be a pinball in the game of life: ever-reacting, trying to ring bells and not fall into holes.   What if I’m a bird in an ever-growing forest? Or a wave in a bottomless ocean? Or a root [Read More…]

Three Covenants

Our love needs to be bigger than our insanity. —Henk Brandt There are three covenants that keep us engaged in the work of love. To begin with, when we see something true and beautiful in someone, it is not the work of love to change them or force their growth in our direction. It is [Read More…]

After Danse Russe*

A hundred years ago, a composer wrote music about a puppet who comes alive when his strings are cut. Then a poet who delivered babies wrote a poem stirred by the same thing; confessing to his grotesque loneliness, to his tangle of strings in the middle of the day. And I confess to my own [Read More…]