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Keeping the Song Alive

The base of all Hebrew prayer is to listen for the Oneness. As Rabbi Alan Lew says, “There’s a deeper speech that doesn’t come from where normal speech comes from.” So how do we hear this deeper speech of Oneness? Well, we can gather many views of something true, not relying on any one; and, [Read More…]

Along the Flyway

Entering a field, our dog lowers her head and sniffs around for the longest time. Suddenly, she looks up and starts running wildly in all directions, just for the joy of running, not after anything, just stretch, leap, turn, and pant. I think she’s trying to tell me something. For days I feel I’ve done [Read More…]

Where We Meet

Two weeks before his daughter died they went to the movies. She wanted to see a love story; he, a thriller. They slouched in different theaters alone. It’s been the one regret holding all his grief. And just when he couldn’t imagine crying anymore, when the night was feeling like a clear wall he couldn’t [Read More…]


You were so sick that afterward on that first nice day, I meant to say, “I can’t bear to lose you,” but what spilled out was, “Why do you have to go to that tonight?”   You dug in. I tried to explain. Like two cats fall- ing off the kitchen table, we scrapped and [Read More…]