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Lessening Our Pain

______________ Every life, in every age, has had to find its way: discovering a foundation, a self from which to meet others and the world, only to open beyond the confines of a single self, so we can receive meaning from everything that is not us. In this journey, we learn how to lessen our [Read More…]

Without Pause

______________ The lives of great artists often hold deep lessons for the rest of us. This useful understanding comes from the work and life of the great composer Beethoven.   Without Pause It seems that being deaf, Beethoven could hear the music of the Universe, unheard by the rest of us. The String Quartet No. [Read More…]

A Good Minute: Staying Awake

We sometimes approach spiritual practice with a sense—conscious or otherwise—that it will allow us to transcend our lives. Perhaps we hope that by becoming awakened we will have the power to become detached from our experiences of pain, grief, or heartbreak. Poet and author Mark Nepo views awakening as something that is rooted in the [Read More…]

Splitting the Wood

Read Mark’s weekly reflections on The Huffington Post. It’s a paradox that sometimes what we break lets the light in and sometimes where we’re broken lets the light within us out. We’re still responsible for the breaking we do. Part of our job is to endure the pain of breaking and being broken in order [Read More…]

On the Edge of God’s Shimmer

Read Mark’s weekly reflections on The Huffington Post. We are here to love the light out of each other. It’s not something we can plan or build, only ready ourselves for. My wife Susan is one who sees the light in my darkness. This is what relationship that endures can do. This reflection explores such [Read More…]