Archives for November 2013

On My Way

______________ I was enroute to see my father one more time, deplaning in Detroit, about to make my connection to LaGuardia, when my sister-in-law called me to tell me that he was gone. I’m stumbled about on the jet-way, finding the next gate. I wrote this poem on the way home. On My Way I’m [Read More…]


______________ I’d like to share this poem for all of those viewers who were moved enough by it to ask me where they could find it. Unfortunately, this poem is in a book that’s now out of print, but here it is for you to share and enjoy.   Freefall If you have one hour [Read More…]

Approaching Integrity

______________ We work so hard to get somewhere, to realize a dream, to arrive at some destination, that we often forget that though some satisfaction may be waiting at the end of our endurance and effort, there is great and irreplaceable aliveness in the steps along the way. Approaching Integrity We are always approaching integrity, [Read More…]

Little By Little

With life offering so much depth and diversity, it’s easy to see the world through the color and feel of any one mood or experience. Under a cloud, the whole world seems gray. Up in the night, the whole world seems dark. But little by little, we have these glimpses that life is more than [Read More…]