Archives for December 2013

Next to a Gull

______________ When in the crucible of a difficult life change, I went to be by the sea, to clear my head, to open my heart, to imagine next steps. What I found was the beauty and resilience of life waiting under my trouble and all trouble. It helped me look beneath my pain and confusion [Read More…]

Where the Snow Begins

______________ During his last year, my father suffered four strokes and a heart attack. We watched him be yanked back and forth between life and death. This piece was written during this time. Where the Snow Begins Snapped in the slack of a crisis that sleeps and roars but doesn’t seem to end, my ninety-three [Read More…]

Things Dark and Light

______________ It seems the purpose of story is to lead us back to what matters and to show us how everything is a part of something larger. And it seems the story of our individual lives keeps showing us how we all go together and come together, once we put down our stubbornness. It seems [Read More…]

I Bow To All

______________ Sooner or later, just by living, we are reduced to what matters, as so many things we thought were important and irreplaceable are broken or snapped like small branches in a storm. And somehow, we stand taller with less coverings. It is then we begin to feel gratitude, even though it’s hard to be [Read More…]


______________ Leaving and being left is such a painful part of life that it’s hard to make sense of its place in a living Universe. This poem is one attempt. Leaving How hard it is to leave or be left. Sending someone away because violence is near. Or selling all you have so a child [Read More…]