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______________ An old friend died several years ago. At the time I wrote this poem. I don’t know why but I still can’t delete his phone number from my contact list. Oh, to do so would seem so final, but I also still feel in contact with him.   Heartwood My friend has died and [Read More…]

To Cultivate Wonder

______________ Wonder is one of the arts of reverence. It is always very close to the surface, just behind the eye, below the tongue, in between the beats of a waiting heart. It’s a subtle resource that requires our welcome to show its full strength. To Cultivate Wonder As a teacher, parent, partner, friend, even [Read More…]


In the days after my father died, there were many quiet moments and many stories told. It was a small thing my mother said while crying over tea that allowed me to connect these small stories of my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my father. I never realized that they form a legacy I’m a part [Read More…]