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Jupiter and the Bee

______________   No matter how often we fall, the gift of wakeful effort allows us to find our way back to what is heartening and affirming, without denying the suffering we encounter. Still, the things that dishearten and drain us are always near, as near as all that is affirming. Here is one ancient story [Read More…]


______________   Receiving depends on gentleness, which relaxes our boundaries. It lets us interact with what comes our way. It lets us lend some of our shape to what’s before us. Lending our shape in this way allows for a momentary joining, through which we can feel the aliveness that flows between things. Here is [Read More…]

Aslan and the White Witch

______________ This passage speaks to the turning points of resilience that are always near. Aslan and the White Witch We always have the choice to be one who affirms or one who drains. This choice is beautifully rendered in the C.S. Lewis classic, The Chronicles of Narnia. There, Aslan, the life-affirming, mystical lion, appears from [Read More…]

A Dream We’re Close to Living

______________   This passage explores a different sense of destiny.   A Dream We’re Close to Living I was given an insight when young, which arrived one day in the rain as everything thirsty in me relaxed. It was an insight about destiny and how, like trees and plants, destiny is more a breaking ground [Read More…]