Archives for January 2015

A Few Turns of the Moon

______________ For all the hardships that life throws at us, I have always felt that life keeps living. Perhaps not in the same form or in a way that is recognizable. But life keeps pulsing under everything. And no matter the pain or confusion I face, something in me keeps reaching for that irrepressible pulse. [Read More…]

A New Thought

______________ Sometimes, as we grow, what we build starts to be confining. This poem speaks to my own experience of this.   A New Thought After so many years, I was surprised that the self I built in order to survive was only a tent that had no roof. And finally looking up, I learned [Read More…]

Everything Sees

______________ Everything is alive and everything has something to offer. In the press of daily life, we often ignore these teachers, though they’re everywhere.   Everything Sees   In the parking lot, I find one lens from a pair of glasses. I rub it clean; wondering what it has seen and retained and what the [Read More…]