Archives for March 2015

Between the Wall and the Flame

______________   One of the noble covenants of love is how we take turns lifting each other from the limited vision that arises when we are in pain, how we take turns reminding each other that there is more than our pain, more than our despair, while bearing witness to our pain and despair. This [Read More…]

The Book Won’t Let Me Hold It

I was trying to read a book of poets from all over the world but the day and the light led me to feel their lives. This is the poem that arrived. THE BOOK WON’T LET ME HOLD IT This morning, the sun spills from the mountain to the page and try as I will, [Read More…]

Being As Art

______________   What if we are being painted by the artist of time? BEING AS ART The pastels of dawn are washing up behind the winter trees as if we are sketches and Being itself is some painter bringing us to life. And today She tries to color us in a bit further. I can [Read More…]

With Things That Break

______________ The deeper the cut, the redder the blood. The deeper the experience, the richer the wisdom. It has always taken more time to reach the deep than the surface. And so it is with each other. It takes time to listen our way beyond the cuts into the depth of each other’s experience where [Read More…]

A Walk through Time

______________ Months after my father died, I found myself in New York City, wandering through the Musuem of Modern Art, a place I love. On the third floor, in an exhibit featuring the work of Gauguin, I felt his presence strongly. A WALK THROUGH TIME Up 7th and over at 53rd, I’m back at MOMA. [Read More…]